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Tired of GoPro Editing Software and Making Videos? Let Bronami do it for You!

The Video Editing Service You Need To Know About

GoPros are great at capturing moments of our lives. When we jump out of planes, off waterfalls, diving coral reefs, or life achievements like the first time your child learns to ride a bike. But like most of us, that footage just sits around waiting to be edited. It falls off our to-do list after we realize how much time and know-how go into editing video. You can now remove the whole editing piece altogether thanks to the new video editing service Bronami! They'll do the work for you. 

Maybe you have some amazing content from that vacation you brought you Spivo Stick on but don't have time to do anything with it.

This is the solution for you. 
Spend more time filming, less time editing. 

Cost Vs Quality

Bronami seemed too good to be true. At only $10 per 10 minutes of raw footage, we assumed the quality of the video edit was going to be poor.

So we tried it out. It was a pleasant surprise to see our video not only come back to us within 24 hours, but the quality was really good. It was all cut to our selected music as you can see below.


 Video Credit: Alex

Try It Out For Yourself

The bros at Bronami have given all you Spivo-ers a free video edit.
Use promo code SPIVO20 for $20 off your first video edit.
Check out the video they made!


The interface was easy to use and turn around time was awesome. The only hitch is internet speed. My suggestion is to upload your files overnight, or when you're not trying to watch an back to back episodes on Netflix.


Got some Spivo Stick footage? Give it a go!

When you get it back make sure you share it with us using #spivo

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