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File Upload Troubleshooting

The upload is taking too long and keeps failing
You can separate your upload into several portions for smaller and easier uploads. Uploads between 10 to 20Gb are recommended.

How do I know my upload was successful?
You will see a confirmation message on this page as well as receive an email confirmation.

Share footage with Dropbox or Google Drive instead
Alternatively, you can share your files with services like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive, etc. Simply copy-paste the sharing link for your folder and email it to us at along with your instructions.

“Queued, waiting for worker” ERROR
If you see this message please close the browser and restart a new session from the link provided in your email. If the issue persists please try a different browser or different computer.

Forgot to mention something in your instructions?
No problem, email your instructions to us at within 48 hours and we will pass it along to the video editors.