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Epic Video Edit

51 reviews

Epic Video Edit

51 reviews

Easiest way to get all your memories saved into one cool and shareable video. Advanced video editing and expert story-telling let you relive your exciting adventures with a fully customized video.


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60sec Epic Highlight - Max 20 files - $50 $100

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Receive your video edit within 5 days.
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Upload up to 20gb for free! Extra data cost of $5/Gb after the first 20gb.

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"The easiest way to archive your footage in a cool way." - Timotej

Adventurers love our Epic Video Edits

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Choose a style and quality that's right for you.

Epic Styling Cinematic Styling
Color correction
Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and stylizing the color palette. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, and stylizing the color palette. Color matching between clips and individual clip correction.
Scene transitions
Dynamic motion transitions between clips. Dynamic motion transitions matched with natural camera movement and colors for smoother transitions.
Audio editing
8000 royalty-free songs to choose from integrated with your camera audio. 8000 royalty-free songs to choose from integrated with your camera audio and additional cinematic sound effects are added.
Video stabilization
Smooth motion stabilization to remove shake from select clips. Smooth motion stabilization to remove shake from every clip.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share or upload my videos?

Once you’ve selected your video option, we’ll email you a custom link where you can drag and drop your footage.

Can I include photos?

Yes, we can mix your favorite photos into the video.

How long does it take to get my video?

Once you’ve uploaded your footage, we’ll deliver your video to your inbox within 7 days.

Can I add special requests or notes?

Yes! You can add special requests and notes on your upload page.

Do I need to use a GoPro or can I submit footage from my phone or other types of cameras?

We accept videos shot from any camera in all formats (DJI Osmo, GoPro knock offs, iPhones, Android phones, DSLRs, digital camera, etc..).

What if I don’t like the video?

It’s okay, we’re all human. We’ll work with you make sure you're happy!

What's included in the free revision?

You can ask to remove clips, re-arange the order of clips, adjust the volume, or change the intro or outro. We will work with you to make sure you love your video. We accept revision requests up to 15 days after the final video is delivered. Submit your revision here.

Can I use my own song?

If you own the rights to the song, yes. If you don't, you can select a royalty free song from our library of awesome travel music, check it out here. Copyrights prevent us from using popular songs.

Is it safe to share my footage with Spivo?

Your privacy is important to us and we don’t share any of your data.

Is the music royalty-free and okay to share on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, our entire music library is royalty-free so you can share it freely on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else.

How much footage should I give you?

To make the video to your liking, we recommend prescreening your videos and uploading only your best content.

Will my video be used for advertising?

No, your video is private and won’t be shared without your consent.

Can I upload 4K footage?

Yes, we accept all aspect ratios and video resolutions.

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