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180° Rotating Camera Stick

Spivo Stick Rotating GoPro Mount Animation

Click the Trigger to easily capture every moment

  • Diving in Water using the Spivo GoPro Selfie Stick M-18"

    Take it anywhere

    Don't be caught without this waterproof gopro mount on your next trip - @itsmechand

  • Snorkelling with the Best GoPro Accessories: Spivo Stick L-26"

    Life happens quickly

    I would have missed the turtle with my old selfie stick. Instead I caught it in one video clip - @achccvlv

  • Hiking in the BC Mountains with Spivo GoPro Stick S-12"

    Simply grab it and go

    Stop wasting time setting up your stick and camera angle - @taylorsudermann


  • +

    Swivelling Camera Mount

    Mount any camera: GoPro® 3, 4 & 5, (GoPro Mount Included) Garmin Virb, Sony Action cam, Xiaomi Yi, + more.

  • +

    Click trigger to rotate camera 180°

    *No batteries required

    • Film amazing content with the unique scene transition created from the instant camera rotation
    • Capture yourself, your friends, and everything else on camera
  • +

    The only ergonomic GoPro Stick

    *No-slip textured grip

    • Built tough to keep your camera and memories safe
    • Adjustable wrist-strap to securely fit your wrist
  • Spivo Stick is a waterproof GoPro stick


    Up to 200' (60m)

  • Spivo Stick Built From Rugged Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

    Tough and Durable

    Built for adventures

  • Spivo is a lightweight GoPro selfie stick


    Take it with you anywhere

Patent Pending / Made in Canada 🇨🇦

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What People Are Saying About Us

Spivo Stick Reviews and Testimonials

  • The Spivo Stick footage I was able to capture was perfect! Rotating the camera on demand made the videos so much better! I would recommend this GoPro® accessory to anyone!

    Spivo Stick Review

    Melanie Adventure seeker

  • I've used my old GoPro® pole a ton, but it sucked to not be able to change which way my camera was facing. The Spivo Stick allowed me to switch the camera angle mid-run when something gnarly happened.

    Spivo Stick Amazon

    Eric "Junker" Pro Longboarder

  • My absolute favourite thing about the Spivo Stick is seeing everyone's reaction to the camera spinning around and capturing their big smiles on film :)

    Spivo Stick YouTube Review

    Ryan Robinson High Line Pro

What is the Spivo Stick

It's not your typical selfie stick

The problem with most selfie sticks is that they only capture one perspective, leaving you with pictures and videos that only tell half the story. As a result, your footage never lives up to your expectations or memories.

It’s a problem of too much quantity and not enough quality. Learn More.

The only camera Stick that swivels

The Spivo Stick is a rotating camera mount that allows you to swivel any camera 180° with the click of the Spivo’s button. This allows you to film yourself and your surroundings in one continuous GoPro video clip that requires no editing and with only one camera; thus saving you time and money. Click for more.

“This is the best gopro accessory ever! No other GoPro mounts even compare!” - Neil Wolkine, Spivo customer

Why is Spivo the best Camera pole?

With the Spivo Stick you can effortlessly capture multiple perspectives which was never possible before; this creates amazing videos that your experiences deserve. Check it out!

“You truly created a solution to a problem many avid GoPro users, including myself, couldn't fix. This is hands down the best GoPro selfie stick on the market.” - Nick Deslaurier, Spivo customer