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The Adventurist

[ad·ven·tur·ist] - Noun 1. Defiance or disregard of accepted standards of behaviour.

3 Reasons Customers Love Spivo Video

We can pitch the value of creating a cool travel video all day, but seeing is believing. We asked our...

9 Secret Tips to Enhance Your Travel Videos

Making travel videos is always easy. There are many characteristics that play into videography and it starts with how you film the content. The following blog will provide you with tips and tricks to use when filming during your adventures! 

How to Choose the Length of your Video Edit

Let’s be honest, the reason that you’ve been putting off editing your vacation video is because you don’t know where...

10 Photography Tips For Beginners That We Love

  Taking photos is the best way that we’re able to capture special moments and tell intimate stories. The saying,...