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10 Best Destinations in Australia for first-time Backpackers

Australia, an enriching land with lavish forest areas, glamorous ocean, jaw-dropping architecture, delicious cuisines and the charm to instill the passion to explore the land in everyone.

Backpacking around the beautiful trails of naturally gifted lands of Australia could be a soul-searching experience. So, if you are one of those passionate travel enthusiasts looking for the right cities to go backpacking for the first time in Australia then look below for the list of the top 10 cities you must visit.

1. Melbourne

Picture by Max Dion @Maxdoutlife

You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while looking around to find the best eateries and all of a sudden, the nightlife will take you to a completely new plan. The city will never give you the feeling like you are on a solo trip for you will spot many more just like you being drenched by the immense beauty of it. The city graces you with its culture and if you are a social person then you will enjoy the best time here. The bars, restaurants and the small beach town of St.Kilda are all waiting to amaze every visitor.

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2. Whitsunday Islands

Video by Josh Crawford on the Spivo 360

Whitsunday Islands is a group of 74 islands off the coast of Airlie Beach which is located on the eastern coast. A 10-hour travel towards the south of Cairns opens the gate to the most amazing party destination of all times. The main market lined up with shops and beaches that are set for a great party all day is just the beginning of your stay in Airlie Beach. You can take a sailing tour overnight that will take you to the Whitehaven beach for an extraordinary experience. You can also enjoy the beauty of the great barrier reef through Scuba diving which is also located nearby Cairns.

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3. Yamba

 Video by Andre Bellerive with the Spivo 360 and Buoy Floatation Device

It is a quiet beach town in Australia that can bring all your surfing dreams to reality. The beaches are filled with enthusiastic surfing communities that one would love to join with. A 6 am call and you will be on your way with your surfboard to clash with the waves and enjoy with what is probably the best people you could be surfing with.

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4. Byron Bay

This is yet another surfing spot located just an hour and a half away from Yamba. Apart from surfing this area also is lighted up with colors and has an earthy, natural look to it. But you can’t leave yet as the nightlife here will strap you tight and never let you go. The outstanding party bars like Cheeky Monkeys, and marvelous beaches and the overall energy of the people are just so hard to find that this place can give a run to cities such as New York.

5. Sydney

Picture by Max Dion @Maxdoutlife

Picture by Jessica Donald @messica1990

The city seldom fails to amaze the travelers with its elegance and poise. One could call it the heart of Australia with its gorgeous structures that will capture your eyes even before you touch the ground. The Harbour Bridge and Opera house will be every bit of what you imagined but that is not all. The city will leave you gasping with its beautiful beaches spread across the coast, Backpacker precincts Coogee and Bondi located in the eastern suburbs and Manly in the North Beach, the lush green parks, and the magnificent sunsets. The trendy neighborhoods of the inner-west are where you will find every dream house to be located for it is beyond just elegance.

6. The Great Ocean Road

Picture by Max Dion @Maxdoutlife

A ripping road trip is almost a necessity to have a feeling of completeness. It is almost mandatory for every backpacking journey and the Great Ocean Road will be the place for it in Australia. The road that starts just outside Melbourne stretches to 244 km long drive of scenic beauty that is breathtaking. The twists and bends that add charm to the path link you to Torquay. Best enjoyed by a motorcycle ride, you will witness the wind sweeping through your hair from the beaches, the pristine scent from the rainforests and a dramatic ending to them all with the sight of the 12 Apostles rock formation made of limestone that tower above the ocean.

7. Darwin

While the humidity might set your mood a little low, the rest of what this place has to offer will bring you back to track. This is a completely urbanized city with a lot of options for accommodation, food, and nightlife. The city houses diverse culture and lot of fun outdoor activities to enjoy for every backpacker. Kakadu National park is located close to Darwin and will give you the adventurous experience you have been longing for with giant waterfalls, natural swimming holes, huge termite mounds, rugged hiking trails and endless natural beauty.

8. Fermantle

How would you feel about a night stay at an Australian prison building? Well, it will be an enjoyable experience especially in a place like Fremantle where the building which is now listed as world heritage will open dorms and private rooms for you to stay. This site in Western Australia is full of spirit and vibrant with performances, music, fashion, microbreweries and an energy that will take you to a new state of health both physically and emotionally. It is a historic 19th-century colonial port that is the home of turquoise beaches and quokka marsupial and has that old charm and looks to it till date.

9. Uluru - The Big Red Rock

A country filled with luscious greenery and vibrant energy also has a location slightly contrasting with all these features. Uluru – The big red rock is in the middle of Australia's desert and is said to hold a special spiritual energy to it. This is an outstanding location to camp out and hike through The Olgas, Kings Canyon. The bold tones of red filling the zenith of the sky during dusk and dawn accompanied by the red sand and glow of Uluru will be a sight worth every moment of your journey.

10. The Gold Coast

Video by Ryan Greenspan @Ryangreenspan

The glittering sand on the beach is filled with surfers and the place is known as the Surfer's Paradise. The place is known for the adrenaline rushing theme parks, the 50+ kilometer long beaches that is a swimmer paradise, the gorgeously tanned beach bodies, and the unmatchable time you will enjoy in the nightclubs. You will experience parties like never before and wake up to a dawn that will leave you spellbound. Although it is called the surfer's paradise, this place does not offer surfing experience as good as Yamba or Byron Bay and hence you can enjoy other activities here.

There are various other destinations such as Perth, Margaret River, Hobart, Noosa, etc., which are also great places to visit for first-time backpackers. Australia swaddles the sole of every backpacker with its outrageous beauty and leaves behind trails of memories that are unforgettable for a lifetime. It is a great country for every spirit to admire, explore, enjoy and cherish. So, start packing already!


Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for travelling, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for true corset for some time now. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

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