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10 Tips for Planning a Fun and Affordable Road Trip

There is no doubting that a road trip most often leaves one with a heartwarming experience that forever lingers in the memory. Whether you’re relaxing and seeing the sights or partying from place to place, road tripping is excellent. All you need is friends and a destination, and everything else quickly comes together. Keep these ten road trip tips in mind, and you’ll have an even better time while raking in new experiences, significant savings, and fresh inspiration for your next time on the road.

Pack Double the Snacks & Drinks

Stopping along the way often gets skipped over, and we’re all notorious for underestimating the number of supplies we need. The next time you go on a road trip, spend the extra money in a store that you know with reasonable prices. This is not only to be a little thrifty, but you’ll also have the convenience and peace of mind of having everything on hand without once needing to stop anywhere. In this way, all of your detours are purely by choice and not because someone needs something. You’ll all have more fun this way, and you’ll save money in the long run.

Prepack At Least One Meal 

Instead of dining out for breakfast, lunch, and supper, pack or buy something simple for at least one meal. There are lots of healthy snacks that taste great when prepared in advance, so you don’t need to be turned off by the thought of left-overs. The extra time and money can be better spent doing an activity which leaves you with the memory of the experience rather than occupying your time with filling your belly.

Off Season Road Trips

You get to pick your leave for a reason. Don't travel during the holiday season unless you have no other choice. Family gatherings over Christmas and for prominent birthdays are still preferential when everyone needs to get together at a time of the year where it's convenient. However, if you and your friends or significant other have any say in the matter, plan your road trip for the offseason. Everything will be cheaper.

Split Costs

While this may come as second nature to some, consider renting a holiday house rather than four or five separate hotel rooms. The costs will be cheaper and the living conditions generally better. Book a holiday house in advance during the off-season, and you'll see how astoundingly low the fees get.

Visit Smaller Cities 

Tourist traps and holiday-maker meccas have tons of things to do, but everything comes at vacation prices. Try smaller cities and lesser-known attractions, perhaps stringing together a selection of stops to surprise yourself by the experience and value. There is so much to see that you never have to pay prime rates to enjoy yourself with your friends and loved ones. Take a road trip and let everyone contribute a lesser-known place to the route for tons of fun without breaking the bank. For example, start at a center point where you have lots of options. Get your own set or a rental with roof racks, Sydney or another large central city gives you the most options. Your road trip can then change course to lesser-seen sights.

Get Enough Music

If there is one thing that you can never have enough of its music, make sure you've got lots of ways to play music and equally as great of a selection. If you don't already have one, get a paid streaming radio service. Pool together and buy it for the trip. The subscription is well worth it. Take headphones in case anyone feels like taking a nap or listening to their own music. It also works well for arguments. Pack charging devices a-plenty, and always carry a backup for your audio player and cell phone. It'll cut out other distractions and their associated costs.

Full Checkup 

Don't risk a road trip without first running your car through a full checkup. This may seem a hefty cost for some but never undervalue road safety. There are lots of creative solutions to financial problems. Perhaps devise a strategy whereby your group takes turns. Pick a vehicle for the trip according to a rotation. Split the cost of service for each car alternating through a progression. Everyone gets their car serviced, and everyone gets to road trip safely. This'll only work for people who hit the open road quite often. Nonetheless, no long journey should be risked without at least a light service.

Plan an Interesting Route

Don’t ride the same road home that you did during the way to your destinations. You may as well make it a round trip and get to see as much of the sights as possible. In this way, your journey is fun all the way there and all the way back. Be sure to take advantage of mapping platforms like a good GPS or Google Maps to optimize your route and discover as many points of interest as possible.

Consider a Rental Vehicle

Short trips and destinations where your own car is not possible can all be properly planned in advance. You can get rental offerings suited to road tripping with roof racks, Sydney and other large cities usually supply a comprehensive selection of rides. Consider whether a specialized vehicle like an offroad vehicle like a Hilux with Hilux roof racks or a fuel-efficient car may not be a better option for your road trip. You'll need to take more care inside the vehicle itself, but the enhanced safety and ability to travel across terrain normally unreachable will make it worth it. Off-season rental cars are very cheap compared to their seasonal counterparts. Also, if your car is the type which is best used in the neighborhood only, get a rental.

Avoid Highways

Highways may be the faster option, but you don’t get to see the sights, and the risk of road accidents is much higher. Take a trip down the road less traveled and you get lower prices, a more unique experience, and a safer trip overall. 

Plan Ahead

A little light planning goes a long way. If you find yourself traveling frequently, consider buying a good set of roof racks. It’ll help you immensely during a road trip, and they’re close to being a must-have for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. Biking, kayaking, or even off-road motorcycling can all benefit from a good set of roof racks designed for the purpose. Why get a trailer for your dual sport DRZ400 when you can mount it on the roof of your SUV easily? Take these tips and keep improving on the small aspects of your journey. A little comfort and convenience during a road trip go a long way.                  

Photos by Spivo words by Rebecca! Author’s Bio

Rebecca is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in different verticals. She keeps a special interest in the impact of visual branding on business growth. She has been writing for a long time now and has an interest in traveling as well.


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