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Yacht Week Done Differently - Croatia

Ah Croatia and it's world renown beauty. From the surreal party culture of Yacht Week, to the serenity of the islands, this country has something for everyone.

Yacht Week is one of the most sought after party experiences in the world. Staying on multimillion dollar boats and partying with like-minded individuals till the sun comes up appeals to many, but for those who want to spare themselves from hangovers Croatia still has unparalleled bounty to offer. 

These two travellers booked their trip to Croatia during Yacht Week, however, their intentions were vastly different. Realizing that most of the tourists would be day drinking on luxurious yachts, they took the opportunity to explore areas that were significantly less busy. 

Renting a kayak they were able to paddle around waters so blue that Photoshop need not exist. With Spivo Stick in hand, they were able to capture breathtaking footage that although gorgeous, still does not do the country justice. Knowing their camera, Spivo Stick and Spivo Floaty Mount were completely waterproof the two travellers had no hesitation bringing them on their ocean voyage. 

Kayaking in Croatia

As if staying in Croatia was not special enough, these travel-smart explorers found a hidden gem - a boat hotel! Appearing half like a pirate-ship and half like a rustic motel, they were able to be rocked to sleep by natures current only to wake up and jump off their balcony for a refreshing morning burst. Who needs coffee any ways? (Who am I kidding, I still need coffee)

Morning Dip Off a Boat House in Croatia

Heading on a trip soon?

Don't get caught without your Spivo Stick.

Croatia Mountain Top - Shot using Spivo

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