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Diving the Great Barrier Reef - A Luxury that Demands the Best Underwater Camera Experience

Our great friend Josh has the bug... the adventure bug that is. 

Whenever Josh finds time off it is a safe bet that you'll find him doing something adventurous. From spear-fishing to trampoline dodge-ball this guy keeps us reminded that "work hard play harder" is a mentality that should be more commonly adopted.

Recently Josh has the privilege to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and needless to say it exceeded his expectations.

Finding Dory? More like finding the whole ocean! 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳Our good friend Josh took his Spivo on a dive of a lifetime at the Great Barrier Reef. Have something big planned? Don't forget to bring your Spivo with you. by @spivostick

Fun fact: the Great Barrier Reef is so astonishing that astronauts can actually see it from outer space! It is the worlds largest single structure made by living organisms.

Great Barrier Reef Diving Picture Taken With Spivo Stick

Steaming with life the reef is a adventurer's paradise! From tiny neon fish to daunting grey sharks the ecosystem demands respect and attention. Josh knew that his dive trip would highlight some of the most unique sights he had ever seen so without hesitation he brought his Spivo Stick with him. 

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Scuba Diving with Spivo and GoPro Selfie Stick

Allowing him to rotate his waterproof GoPro instantly, Josh was able to show his friends and family encounters with trigger fish, sharks, and vibrant corals. Other divers brought stationary selfie sticks and were frustrated by their lack of ability to change the direction their camera was filming. Fuelled by interest this allowed Josh to befriend many of the other divers as they questioned him about the product once back on land. 

Spivo Stick Instantly Rotates Your Camera

The footage is truly remarkable and a perfect example of how much this planet has to offer. Enjoy!

Great Barrier Reef Selfie


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