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4 Tips to Step Up Your Insta Stories Today

Have you ever wondered how your favorite accounts make such visually appealing Instagram stories? 

When it comes to stories the best way to engage your audience is to keep it aesthetically clean and consistent.

But let us break down exactly what that means in four steps!

1. Format your photo!

Format your photo for Instagram

An Instagram story is shown in 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high  (Aspect Ratio: 9:16)

If you have a photo of a different format, Instagram will automatically crop your photo which usually causes it to distort your image, or your image might be cropped in an unwanted matter.

TIP: Go into your photo gallery on your phone and crop your photo to get the optimal portion of your photo you want to share. Instagram might still fit your image if the proportions aren't perfect, but it's a much better starting point than a large image.

2. Choose a font and color scheme for your entire story.

Pick a font and color scheme for your entire story

How to choose: Find colors that match your photos. By clicking on the eye drop tool (the icon on the left of your color font options) drag this around your photo to get inspired. Using similar color text to those in your image helps grab the viewers attention and can draw attention to certain parts of your image. Get creative with it!

3. Minimize text per post by multiposting

Although a viewer can touch and hold your story to pause it and read everything, you are likely to get better engagement if you break up your text for the same photo.


1. Create your first sentence. Finalize your colors and structure

2. Click the save button at the bottom left corner of your template. This saves your story in existing iteration

3. Add your second text block! Once it's added, hit save again before adding the next block of text

4. Repeat top steps until you have added all your texts written out

5. Exit the template

6. Click Add story (once the camera appears, swipe up and you will see all your saved photos)

7. Add each photo to your story in the sequence you wish the texts to appear

Pro tip: Make sure to only add #hashtags, locations, and tags when you are actually posting otherwise they will not be linked!

Break up your text on multiple images

4. Use polls to engage with your viewers

Another great way to engage with your followers is to seek their opinion in an Instagram poll. These are a great way to get to know your followers and ask for their advice or input on certain aspects of your image, profile, life goals, how cute this puppy is, etc...

Use Instagram story pools to engage with your followers

There you have it! Four ways to improve your Instagram stories today. 

Have you tried any these? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram.

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