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5 Reasons to Scuba Dive on your Next Trip

We often daydream about a nice, relaxing beach vacation. Just imagine yourself lying on a beach on a warm sunny day, soaking up the sun. Isn’t that a perfect holiday idea?

Or you may even want to venture outside your comfort zone to try something new. And if that’s the case, then this is for you to read.

Whether it’s parasailing, snorkeling, or even hopping on your surfboard, beach vacations provide us with ample opportunities to tap into our adventurous side.

That being said, have you ever considered trying scuba diving?

It sure can be intimidating for some. With all the gear including an oxygen tank, flippers, face mask, the whole nine yards, you start wondering if its a little too much. 

While it might seem like a daunting task to gear up and hit the water, we give you five good reasons why you should try scuba diving on your next trip. 

1. It’s easier than you think

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a common misconception that’s associated with scuba diving. People feel it is too complex and takes a while before you start experiencing it closely.

Contrary to popular belief, that’s not the case. In fact, all it takes is a diving course with a good instructor and you’ll be well on your way.

The courses are usually instructional and interactive. They help you to understand the basics of the underwater activity so that you can enjoy it from start-to-finish.

2. You get a closer look at marine life

Scuba diving basically gives you an all-access pass to get up close and personal with marine life that you only see in videos and pictures otherwise. 

The sport allows you to interact with various elements of marine ecosystem like coral reefs.

You can experience the likes of dolphins, fishes and other organisms in their natural habitats. And that too from close quarters.

3. Enjoy the solitude

Scuba diving is a tranquil and therapeutic experience. The silence of the water helps you to connect with ocean life.

It virtually feels as if time has come to a still. What’s going on above the water, no longer matters. 

All you have to focus is on your breathing and the beautiful sea life around you.

Scuba diving offers a calm and serene experience, something that cannot be matched with anything else.

4. A whole new world 

One of the best parts about scuba diving is that it opens up a whole new world around you. Your imagination starts to take life. 

Different parts of the world have different types of marine life which means that each dive will be unique.

Why not build your travel plans around scuba diving this year?

You’ll be surprised to explore some of the stunning places around the globe. Such is the beauty of the sport. 

5. Social networking

Scuba diving is a social activity. This is perhaps hard to believe, considering you underwater carry an oxygen mask which makes it hard to speak, however, this sport touts a friendly community.

Scuba diving gives you the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world with various backgrounds and ethnicities. People love to share their experiences and scuba stories when on a trip.

Given the fact you bond over sharing similar experiences, you are likely to build up on your network of friends.

Upshot -

You see, there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to scuba diving.

It is a complete experience.

Not just it takes you to wonderful places but makes you explore the unexplored, something that you’ve never thought of, all your life.

by Ann Hawkins -

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