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7 Reasons why this GoPro Mount is the Perfect Christmas Gift

In need of some Christmas gift inspiration?

Look no further!

A Spivo Stick is the perfect Christmas gift for the GoPro user, adventure seeker, traveler, film-maker, selfie-taker, Instagramer, extreme sport junkie... I think you get the point. It's the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list.

Here is why:

1. It captures memories.

What is more precious than memories? Having some of your fondest or most exciting moments captured from the perspective of your choice is priceless. 

Don't believe us? Check out Jeremy surprising his grandma after not seeing her for over 15 years. 

Get creative with it. You can capture your loved one's reactions when they open their gifts too.

2. It’s really strong so Santa won't break it.

Santa has A LOT of presents to carry so sometimes things get squished; not Spivo Sticks. Made out of polycarbonate, the same material hockey players slam their opponents into, Spivo Sticks can withstand extreme environments.

Spivo Stick High Quality Handle

Unlike some other gifts if Spivo Stick gets wet, it won't break either! That's right, the best GoPro stick on market is completely waterproof. No worries if Santa gets rained on. 

3. It’s really cool! Your gift will be a massive hit.

Spivo Sticks are so cool even the coolest dude we know, Rory Bushfield, thinks they're cool... and that's pretty damn cool!

Socks are lame anyways, give an awesome gift this year! Give a Spivo Stick. Your loved one will even think you're cool just for buying them one. 

4. It keeps giving! 

The gift of a Spivo Stick is not just the best camera mount, but it is also endless creativity and possibility. You will be floored at how much amazing content your loved one will create with their Spivo Stick.The more they use it the more memories they will capture.

Taylor Hiking with Spivo Stick to go Skiing

5. It’s fun to use.

No really, its actually super fun to use. 

The comfortable grip and rotating action make the Spivo Stick engaging and really fun to operate. Putting a camera on your head is boring and often people forget it is even there. 

Spivo Stick Rotating GIF

Once they open their Spivo Stick they'll constantly be looking for new ways to capture footage. You'll probably want to try it out yourself. 

6. It’s affordable.

Considering it is hard to find a gift under $100 these days having such a desirable, innovative, and cool gift for $49.99 is pretty outstanding. 

Blow them away with such an awesome gift and still have money left over for yourself. 


7. You don’t even have to leave your house! 

Since Santa's work shop is SO efficient, we worked out a deal to have your Spivo Stick arrive almost anywhere in 2-3 days.

Spivo Stick in a Plane Upside down

Some places are a little further away so it may take a couple more days for the reindeer but either way you'll never have to leave home! You can give you gift from the comfort of your underwear while sipping a coffee. That's convenient.

I know what I am giving this year, how about you?  


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