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Behind the Scenes - On Location with Spivo Stick

Have you seen our new promotional video? You know, the really beautiful one that is about 40 seconds long. 

Guess how long it took to film? Would you believe over 12 hours, not including editing or planning went into producing the shots? Well it did, and wow was it ever fun!

Here is how it went...

Leaving Ottawa, Ontario at 6 AM, the team at Spivo, a professional videographer, and two actors hit the road to cottage country in Quebec.

Actors arriving on set in the woods with the Spivo Stick

Arriving at a wooded area that the team had scouted out a week prior, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the beauty and stillness of the location. Natural beams of light poked through the treetop ceiling creating spotlight effects on the forest floor. Coffee in hand we set up our set and got the actors ready... to run!

Aiming to showcase that adventure and excitement can be created in any setting and that you should always have your Spivo Stick we filmed our athletes running through the woods, jumping over rocks, and scaling collapsed trees.

Everything was going phenomenal until our male actor took one step too many on a downed branch that shot up off the ground and slammed into his...umm...pine cones. Ouch! After a few deep breaths filming resumed and results were spot on.

Only a 5 minute drive from the forest was access to a crystal clear lake. Hopping into the canoe our actors paddled out to get some aquatic footage. Scrambling to find a boat to film from, Andre and our cameraman were lent a pedal-boat...with no back rest; talk about a core workout. Filming the canoe from water is a task in itself and we were left unsure if the shots would be too choppy (pun intended), fortunately they turned out great, if not better than we expected. 

Marc Bjerring is holding the sun reflector, Gino and Sam are in the water, Kris Perrault is filming, and Greg Dillon is swatting flies

Next was the waterfall. Everyone loves waterfalls right? Well apparently so do deer-flies. Greg said he had never been less comfortable in his life. At one point while the video-shoot commenced he wrapped his entire upper-body in towels due to the buzzing. We wondered why nobody else was at such a mesmerizing spot... we quickly found out. How the actors kept their composure for the shoot while wading in ice-cold water is beyond us but kudos to them!

The actors enjoying the view from the top of the waterfall

Next stop - THE CLIFF OF DOOM. Just kidding, about an hours drive took us to another lake where our cameraman's aunt was kind enough to drive us in her boat to a sun-soaked rock face and lake cliff. 

Keeping in mind our talent's safety Marc and Greg guinea-pig'd the cliff which was about 25 or so feet. Little did the actors know they'd have to jump off it about 9 times leaving them out of breath and with sore bottoms. All in a day's work right? 

That's a wrap! Getting the final shots from the boat our cameraman gave us the signal that he had what he needed.

Celebration after a full day? You bet - a big shout out to whoever built the rope-swing on the cliff and for the corner-store that sold us the beer that gave us the courage to hit it. 

Without further ado... (do yourself a favour and watch it full screen)



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