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Best GoPro Accessories to make Christmas Gift Shopping Easy


We could make a list of several different GoPro accessories but by the time you were done reading this blog you'd probably be more confused as to which one to get then you were coming into it. 

So, to save you all of the headache and uncertainty we narrowed it down to the hottest, most versatile, and coolest GoPro Mount or GoPro Stick on the market. 

Without a doubt, the Spivo Stick is the GoPro Pole you or your loved one has been looking for this Christmas.

Fun Fact: Within the first year on the market Spivo Stick, the rotating GoPro selfie stick, had been purchased in over 52 countries! 

Let's explain why...

1. Spivo Stick Captures Amazing Memories

What is more precious than memories? Having some of your fondest or most exciting moments captured from the perspective of your choice is priceless. 

Don't believe us? Check out Jeremy surprising his grandma after not seeing her for over 15 years. 

2. The Spivo Stick is a Really Strong Camera Pole

Don't you hate it when you buy someone a gift and it breaks!? So we do, that's why Spivo Sticks are made out of polycarbonate, the same material hockey players slam their opponents into, the same material that is even found in bullet-proof vests.

Spivo Stick Medium Strong High Quality

But not only is a Spivo Stick extremely strong for a GoPro pole but it's wildly lightweight too! Often times people mistake the Spivo Stick's lightweight feel for being delicate; however, this is simply not the case. We needed Spivo Stick to be light for travelling but strong for any activity and harsh environments. 

3. The Spivo Stick is a Waterproof GoPro Accessory 

Adventures are unpredictable, especially at the mercy of weather. Why be limited or anxious due to non-waterproof equipment; that's just silly. 

The Spivo Stick will function in and underwater both salt and fresh! Get out and explore, don't let anything hold you back.

4. The Spivo Stick is the Coolest GoPro Mount

Sure, you could buy a boring camera pole that doesn't have a controllable trigger to spin your camera around, but for the same price why would you ever spend your hard earned money on that when you have the option of a Spivo Stick? You wouldn't, because you're smart. 

The Spivo Stick is way cooler than any other mount, especially this one...

Really Silly GoPro Mount

4. The Spivo Stick is the Most Fun to Use GoPro Monopod

Okay so maybe we can't quantify this one but we're pretty dang confident that having the ability to control where your camera is pointing is more fun than sticking it on your head and forgetting about it. 

The first time we used the Spivo Stick we were so surprised as to how fun it was to use because you will feel way more engaged in the filming process than just mounting a camera on something else and hoping for the best. 

Not only is it fun to operate, but many people have commented as to how fun it is to use when they see the reactions on peoples faces who see the camera spin for the first time.

Don't believe us? Try it yourself!

5. The Spivo Stick is no just a GoPro Accessory

I know, I know, this whole blog has been about how amazing of a GoPro mount Spivo Stick is... but it's more than that! 

We knew that not everyone has a GoPro, that's why Spivo Stick can mount just about any lightweight camera and even iPhones and other smartphones. 

Spivo Stick with iPhone Mount

Some other GoPro accessory companies made their products so that only GoPro cameras could integrate with them. Spivo Stick uses a 1/4" thread so you can mount anything! Even that point-and-shoot digital camera you have in your drawer. 





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