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Best GoPro Videos of the Week

The Best GoPro Videos of the Week

Welcome back to the weekly round up of the most heart racing, adrenaline inducing, jaw dropping videos on the web! 

Seriously, take a break and watch these. 

GoPro: Epic Lines: Speedflying with Jamie Lee


 When most people look at the Swiss alps, they think about skiing, hiking and mountaineering, generally activities that involve being fastened to the earth in one way or another. Jamie Lee sees these majestic mountains as a playground and an opportunity to progress the sport of speedflying to places it has yet to go.

Join Jamie Lee as he comes whipping down the sides of glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, and cliff faces in the first of seven insane lines!

Redbull: Wakeboarding with a Massive Harbor Crane

With "Wake Crane," Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii and Dominik Hernler celebrate a world first in water sports, as they're being towed by a floating port crane through a 360° container setup that they designed and built themselves.

The project was realized and filmed in two weeks in Pula, Croatia with the support of AEE Drones & Cams, and marks the beginning of a new era in wakeboarding.

K2: Keep Your Tips UP: Sean Pettit 

As the old saying goes, go big or just...don't. Pro skier Sean Pettit is a dude who's very familiar with going big, and this backcountry edit from the 2016 season is proof in the pudding.

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