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Customer Highlight - Taylor Sudermann (GoPro Featured)

Taylor using her Spivo Stick to see the Cuban sunset
Taylor is one of Spivo's original and most dedicated users and she's amazing. As a thank you for taking her Spivo Stick wherever she goes we wanted to highlight Taylor and some of her amazing content. 
Taylor hiking in Banff National Park
From ski touring around Quebec to competing in Red Bull's Can You Make It? (where she traveled over 5 countries using only Red Bull as currency) Taylor makes the most of her life.  
 Taylor taking a taxi in Cuba with her Spivo Stick.
Here is Taylor's story...

After an unforgettable summer in the Banff National Park Taylor moved back to Ottawa  to finish her degree in Marketing - despite her urge to get back in the mountains. 

Taylor in Mont Tremblant

Taylor spent her childhood playing outside and skiing almost everyday... wait, she still does that! A perfect day for Taylor consists of planning a quick adventure and getting out to explore.

Taylor winter hiking in BC

She says that she loves the feeling of going on an early morning road trip to go skiing especially when only yesterday she was in the library with her head in a book thinking the day would never end.

Due to her spontaneous adventures Taylor gets asked all the time how she is able to do all the things she does. Her response, "It is simple if you have the motivation and never say no to opportunities."

Taylor looking at the beautiful mountains

Taylor in Mont Tremblant - Featured by GoPro
GoPro actually featured this picture on their Instagram account.

Taylor skiing in the trees

Taylor taking a road trip

Taylor spring skiing in Mont Tremblant

Taylor being happy on the chairlift

Taylor parasailing on vacation

Taylor in Cuba with Spivo Stick

Thanks Taylor! You're an inspiration for all adventure seekers!

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