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Freeskiing, Pizza, and Filming - Spivo Hits the Road with Tell a Friend Tour

The Tell a Friend Tour Poster  

Tell a friend! Spivo Stick is going on tour with pro-skier Andy Parry across the states! 

The Tell a Friend Tour travels the Northeast and a bit of the Midwest with pro skier Andy Parry + other pro featured guests as an initiative to get kids absolutely fired up to shred the park. The event formats are 1 or 2-day events, depending on the host resort with:
  1. The park session with Andy + other pros
  2. Hostile Takeover - a new competition format that is happening his year. It's rad, you should not miss it!

Andy Parry skiing a handrail

Enough from us! Lets hear it from the man himself! Andy Parry... he's somewhere in there under the snow.

Andy Parry Pro Line Skier in deep powder using his Spivo Stick

Interview with Andy Parry:

What is the Tell A Friend Tour, Where is it headed?

Tell A Friend Tour is a freeskiing park tour that travels to resorts film, ski with fans, and then hold a free raffle/pizza party. 

Why? Why create the Tell A Friend Tour?

Over the last seven years of filming Line Traveling Circus,  we visited  a lot of resorts other people never really go to. A lot of these places had tons of kids that are really into freeskiing but they aren’t really on any ones radar.  These skiers are the bread and butter of the ski industry and it only makes sense to bring a ski event directly to them.

TAFT represents what freeskiing was when I started in 2002.  Fun, but also serious about progression because your hungry for it.  It was about learning a new trick with a bunch of friends and pushing each other because it was fun.  None of us really went out of our way to “train” for comps but still competed at local events, and used them for a source of community more then anything.  It’s true freeskiing, and that what I want to show the next generation.  Not comp skiing, not film skiing – just freeskiing.

In 140 characters or less – Why should we go to TAFT?

Come to TAFT to have fun skiing, eat pizza, and win free stuff!


Sometimes words suck... watch this dope edit to get inspired to come to TAFT!

Since Spivo Stick was built by a team of skiers to be the best camera stick for skiers, we only felt right giving away a FREE Spivo Stick at each stop. Every hosting resort will hold best trick with Spivo. Film yourself laying out a slow cork three, or maybe bust out some Andy Parry style wizard tricks on the rainbow rail. Whatever you do, do it on camera using the demo Spivo Stick and you could be walking away with one of your own and a chance to be featured on all sorts of amazing social media accounts. 


Want to know if TAFT is making a stop by you? 

Head to our Facebook events here to find out!


Did I mention pizza?

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