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Holiday Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts Made Easy

Monkeys in Thailand using a Spivo Stick wearing Santa hats

No matter what you celebrate, getting gifts for your loved ones can be a stressful experience.

The crowds - They're crazy!

Picking the gift - Are you sure you got the right one?

The weather - Even looking out the window makes you anxious.

Solution - Spivo Stick

Let's face it, having your memories captured is one of the most priceless experiences you can achieve. 

The best gifts are the gifts that the recipient might not typically buy for themselves. 

So please... put the socks and/or tie down. 

Giving or receiving the best camera accessory is exactly what will make this holiday a smash hit. 

Why? Because this camera accessory is something they won't be expecting. Remember when gifts were actually surprises? 

It's not just the camera pole that makes the gift, it's what your loved one will actually do with it. 

Watch Jeremy surprise his Grandma. Thank god he had his Spivo Stick to capture the beautiful moment!


Happy tears guaranteed.


Of course we think the Spivo Stick is the best GoPro pole and by far the best holiday gift; however, don't take it just from us!

Small Fry Blog

"What do you get for the guy that has everything? This, cause he definitely does not have this. This 360 camera swivels around to capture all of life’s memories, plus it’s dirt proof, water proof and crash proof."

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Ryan Greenspan

"If you’re like me and you have your GoPro with you at all times, this is a MUST HAVE ITEM!"

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"The Spivo Stick not only allows users to attach a number of devices to the end (smartphone, GoPro) for that perfect self-aggrandizing shot, it can automatically swivel the camera's POV 180 degrees with just the press of a button near the handle."

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The Internet Providers

Spivo Stick

"It’s a Hall of Famer in the GoPro world."

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"The perfect gift for the action junky that’s perpetually stepping up their game"

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"Everybody loves to get something with a trigger for Christmas"

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Run Like a Girl

"The Spivo is one heavy duty selfie-stick built to withstand the elements of your active life style!"

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tom's guide

Spivo Stick phone mount attachment for smartphones

"A selfie's dream!"

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