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Man Jumps from 25,000 feet - WITHOUT A PARACHUTE

Okay, this is truly one of those "you have to see it to believe it" stories. Thankfully, when Luke Aikins decided to hurl his body out of a plane but leave his parachute behind, he had a film crew with him so we can all absolutely believe it.


Let's set the scene. 

Aikins, husband, father, and albeit an extremely practiced skydiver with over 18,000 jumps, decides to try for a world record... after previously refusing! C'mon Luke, you had it right the first time!

Aikins team builds a net 100 feet by 100 feet. Sure, that sounds like a decent sized net but when you're 25,000 feet above it, it may as well have been a hairnet. 

Upon takeoff in the plane Aikins decides, "Hey whats this emergency chute attached to me doing? I might as well take this off too!". Makes total sense right?

For a little perspective, the average skydive is around 13,000 feet, and that's WITH a parachute AND a backup. Once again Aikins logic strikes questionably and he almost doubles the height. At these altitudes you actually need an oxygen supply; at least he decided to keep that part on!

The rest is history! See for yourself.


 Did you catch that? He missed his mark! By 20 feet! 


Aikins logic: let's try again.



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