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Pro editors reveal the 6 secrets to an irresitible video

video editor at spivo

If you guessed that the secret behind a great video lies in its story, then you are absolutely right! It’s a fact that often goes overlooked, as people tend to get preoccupied with fancy effects and software when it comes to video editing. However, the real magic lies in the art of selecting the right clips and pacing them effective.

Here are the 6  steps the professional editors at Spivo go through to create a perfect story every time: go through all the content, select the best moments, create an exciting sequence of clips, edit everything to the rhythm of the music, add some final touches, and the best part is they can make a great video with any collection of content.

1. Go through all the videos and photos

Editors at Spivo go through every single file

The editors start by compiling all the videos and photos from all your cameras that you and your friends uploaded. Then they sort it all in chronological order using the file metadata, for example, the time the shot was taken. If the metadata doesn’t exist, they roll up their sleeves and get to work organizing the content into folders.

2. Extract the very best moments

There’s no quick solution for this part, the editors need to look through each and every clip/photo to pull out the very best moments. On average only 1 in 10 files make it to the final cut.

How do they know what to choose? There’s an art to it, but essentially hidden in your content was your intention behind every moment. They simply pick the best shot you were able to take for that given moment. Sometimes the best shot is the one with the most emotion, sometimes it's the shot with the nicest view.

97% of people never get past step 2 when they try and make an edit on their own. That's the main reason why we created Spivo Video Editing Service. We take care of everything and follow any instructions you have so you can get back to spending your time on things you love.

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3. Create an exciting sequence of clips/photos

Spivo Video Editor Timeline Creation

Now that they have the the best shots the editors start creating the flow of your story. An intro is created to tease the viewers of things to come and an outro is created to wrap up the adventure. And again more clips/photos are removed and trimmed to make the story even more exciting. This is what sets the pros and the amateurs apart. The amateurs are too attached to every photo and video and they always include way too much in the final video making it boring.

4. It's all in the rhythm

Spivo Video Music

This is where the editors have the most fun. Every clip is timed and paced to the music to create a rhythm of crescendos and decrescendo (a dance between building excitement and giving the viewer a break). By the way, you can either choose a popular song, a royalty free song from our library, or let the editors choose for you!

5. Add some final touches

Spivo Video Title Animation

The editors apply the final touches to make your footage look it's best. This includes color correcting, color grading, transitions, titles, fades, etc.

Most people think this is the most important part, but if the story is bad and doesn't make sense, no amount of styling and effects will save it.

6. The best part

The editors can do this with any collection of videos and photos, heck they can even do it using only photos. Don't believe us, the proof is in the reviews. Give us a try and we guarantee you'll love your video.

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