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Songs for Vacation Videos: The Best Music for Your Travel Edit

Person travelling with passport in hand

How to find the music best fits travel videos

Music and song play crucial roles in shaping and creating video memories. It has the ability to evoke emotions, it enhance storytelling, sets the mood, and triggers memories, making the experience more meaningful and cherished.

Emotional Resonance

For many, songs and their lyrics have the unique power to connect to our emotions. The lyrics may trigger something meaningful, the melody and pace of the song may intensify the impact the video memory.

More than that, the right music makes the moments that were captured more vivid, provoking profound feelings within the viewers of your travel videos.

Enhanced Storytelling

Music acts as tool for storytelling in video memories. The best songs are when the lyrics of the song complement the visuals and narrative, which ultimately guide you or your audience emotions and help to grasp the underlying themes or messages.

If you use the right song for travel videos, a simple sequence could easily become compelling and unforgettable.

Mood Setting

It's no secret that music sets the mood for different atmospheres. Music also sets the mood for video memories.

Whether it's a joyous, upbeat tune for celebrations, or a quieter, reflective melody for contemplative moments, music makes the viewing experience more immersive.

When your travel video memories are shared with others, it's guaranteed that the music will enhance the shared experience. It fosters a sense of unity and understanding between viewers.

Memory Trigger

Music has the ability to trigger memories. How many time have you heard a song and have been reminded of a memory?

When you revisit your video memories with the original music, it'll instantly transport you back in time to the adventure or vacation you were on.

Let's use the joyous, upbeat tune as an example. Let's imagine that while you are camping, your friend pulls out his guitar and begins to play a song.

Fast forward, incorporating said song into your recap video, will trigger the memories of everyone gathered around at the camp site, listening to this song.

When you all watch that camping travel video, and recall the song, you'll be reminded of the memories you all share.

This is exactly why it's important to find the best travel songs or the right songs for your adventure videos.


It isn't often recognized that music truly takes on every role; even the role of completeness. Similar to a cinematic movie with a soundtrack, travel videos or video memories in general, benefit from songs.

Music, like background music, fills the gaps, adds depth and emotion to visuals, and never leave dead space.

What are your options for legal music for your travel video?

Illegal versus Legal

If you plan to share your travel video on social media, use it for commercial purposes, or stream it for public viewing, it really is important to make sure that you have the legal right to use the music in your video.

Copyright Music

Using copyrighted music without permission can inevitably lead to many issues such as

  • your travel video being blocked

  • your travel video taken down

  • or even more seriously, you could facing legal consequences

Commercial music is protected by copyright laws.

This means you need explicit permission from the copyright holders to use it without any legal consequences and this typically involves obtaining two different copyright licenses:

  • a master use license for the actual sound recording


  • a composition license that protects the subsequent musical composition.

Obtaining these copyright licenses can be a very difficult process because you need to directly contact the copyright holders, which could include the artist, composer, record label, or music producer.

So what?

With royalty free music, you only need to pay for the music license once, and no further royalty fees are required. Seems easy? Well it is.

Many providers offer royalty free music and handle the necessary licensing fees on your behalf, which leads you to only pay a one-time fee, or you can choose a monthly or annual subscription to access and use the music legally.

Some of these sites and providers offer royalty free music for free, but only if you give credit to the artist when using or posting the music (on youtube or social media).

This way, you can find suitable music for your travel videos without the complexities and legal concerns associated with copyrighted music.

There are the legal options for using music in your adventure videos without the need to track down copyright holders directly:

Royalty Free Music

As mentioned, this type of music is provided by a service that takes care of the licensing fees. When you use royalty free music, you won't face royalties each time you incorporate it into your video.

Typically, you pay a one-time fee or subscribe to gain unlimited access to the music libraries.

Public Domain Music

Music published before 1927 falls into the public domain category. This means that the copyright has essentially expired. You have unlimited access to this music legally and free of charge without the need for a license or needing to give credit.

Creative Commons Licensed Music

This is music that is released under Creative Commons licenses is free to use legally, provided you give credit to the artist or creator.

Personally Created Music:

If you produce, compose or create your own music, you own the rights to it. Simple as that. This means, not only is it free music, but you're allowed you to use it in your travel videos as you wish.

Where can I download legal music?

Download Button

Asides from copyrighted music, there are numerous service providers that offer royalty free and copyright-free music that you can legally download and use in your travel videos. There a reputable free and paid options.

Free Service Options

Public Domain 4U: Offer music that is free and available in the public domain.

incompetech: Offers royalty free music that you can use for free with proper credit to the creator or artist

Bensound: Provides eligible music for free download when you credit Bensound.

Paid Service Options

Artlist: A library of royalty free music accessible through a paid subscription for unlimited use The paid subscriptions are offered in different packages, starting at “Max Social” for $29.99 per month.

Soundstripe: Offers unlimited access to their music library with a paid subscription starting at $9.99 per month.

PremiumBeat by Shutterstock: Offers tracks from a large library for a one-time fee purchase. 


Beyond this list, many royalty free music providers will most likely offer free trials to help you assess the service's value before committing. Afterward, most operate on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

On average, a monthly subscription ranges from $10 to $20. Choosing to go with an annual subscription and paying upfront often leads to a slightly reduced monthly cost.

Alternatively, some services offer one-time fees for individual tracks. Prices can vary significantly, starting as low as $1 per track and reaching up to a few hundred dollars per track.

Can I use any songs for my travel videos?

Yes or No

The short and logistical answer is no, and this is simply because of the copyright issue we just went in depth on.

If you're posting your travel video to youtube, then no. If it's just for you and your family to watch in the privacy of your own homes, then yes.

Past that, if we're talking about using any song in terms of the aesthetic and the vibe of your travel videos, then the answer is yes. The world of the music library is your oyster.

List of songs for travel videos and why we recommend them


In light of it being summer, we know travel is picking up, and what does that mean? Travel videos!

We have a list of what we think are the best songs for travel to incorporate into your travel video, but make sure that past this blog, you're actually able to use them!

Wake Me Up - Avicii

Sun beaming into room

Avicii is known for creating cool travel songs for video recaps. "Wake Me Up" is a great song for a travel video because not only is it upbeat, but it has universal appeal.

This means that it has catchy melody that is enjoyable for a broader audience. It's beats transcends cultural and age barriers for everyone to enjoy.

The song can enhance your video and make it more engaging for audiences from various backgrounds.

This song has a fun rhythm and beats that provide a natural pace for any travel video and will naturally sync well with different travel scenes and activities.

Paris - The Chainsmokers

The Eiffel tower in Paris

"Paris" is perfect for travel videos because of its dreamy vibes, which are well-suited for travel videos.

I mean... imagine you went to Paris with your significant other and editing a travel video and this song is playing as the background music. It sets a captivating tone and adds feeling wanderlust.

It also enhances the emotional connection, making the visuals more captivating for viewers of all ages.

Travelin' Man - Ricky Nelson

A travelin' man

This song, released in 1961, offers nostalgia, excitement, and is the right song for storytelling in travel videos.

For instance, "Travelin' Man" immediately hits the travel theme spot on with it's title. More than that, it's lyrics reinforce exploration and adventure. "I'm a travelin' man and I've made a lot of stops. All over the world"

The song's lyrics tell the story of a man's path to different places. This storytelling element can enhance the viewer's experience by complementing the clips of the travel video.

It's also a song that is on the quieter side, making it great as background music.

Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers

Camp site and tent setup

Now, speaking personally, this is my favorite travel song and the Lumineers truly create great music.

"Sleep On The Floor" Overall, brings a sense of adventure through it's rhythm and melody. The thing to notice about the song though is that it brings emotional depth and versatility to travel videos.

The lyrics speak of adventure and the desire to explore new places. It encourages those who listen to embark on their own journeys.

That's where the emotional depth comes in. The song can foster a strong connection with visuals of a travel video, and can enhance a viewer's experience of travel.

Renegades - X Ambassadors

Woman overlooking mountains and sunrise

"Renegades" is a song that exhibits a youthful and adventurous, and road trip vibe, which is the right music for younger travellers to use.

Speaking of youthful, I'm reminded of popularity. This song was a commercial success and gained popularity worldwide, therefore, it's recognition can make any travel video more memorable.

The song has an upbeat energy that provides excitement. It uplifts the mood and makes one feel "free" in a way. I think it's safe to say that this song would fit well for a road trip travel video.

Just picture blue skies, sunny day, friends, it's summer, you're on an open road and you hit the play button...what an epic travel experience!

Road Trippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Couple driving for a road trip

Speaking of a road trip, this next song title says it all!

"Road Trippin" brings feeling of desired adventure, chill vibes, and positivity to travel videos, making it an ideal choice for creators looking to showcase the freedom of road trips and travel experiences.

The song's mellow and laid-back ambiance complements the leisurely pace of road trips and travel. It makes for a relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

This will enhance the viewer's experience of the travel video that is made of this road trip.

It's feel-good vibe will create a joyous and happy feeling while watching your travel video.

Vacation - Thomas Rhett

Family on vacation

Do you feel like dancing or snapping your fingers? Listen to Thomas Rhett talk about what a vacation should be like!

But for real, let's talk about the timing of this song. It's upbeat, fast, and timely. It's easy to align clips from your own adventure to this song. It's catchy and dance-worthy beats will make it easy for anyone to watch your video over and over again.

Also, the song's title and lyrics are on point with regards to the theme of vacation and travel, making it a natural fit for travel videos.

Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay

Woman jumping between rocks at sunset

If you don't know Coldplay, you're definitely living under a rock, and if you listen to their music, then you're living life!

Coldplay's music is well known and they have songs perfect as travel music. Hear me out, Coldplay's popularity is to viewers of different ages and backgrounds. Using "Adventure Of A Lifetime" can help your travel video resonate with a diverse audience.

The song's catchy and memorable chorus says, "Turn your magic on, to me she'd say, everything you want's a dream away."

These lyrics definitely add quality to the travel video and can leave an impression on you and your audience and resonate with their own aspirations for travel and adventure.

On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons

A view of Earth from space

"On Top of The World" just has the overall feel-good feeling. It's not like most songs for travel videos, because this type of feel-good includes the idea of freedom, life, hope, wonder and feeling on top of the world when travelling.

The song's feel-good nature is bound to uplift your mood and will create a positive, emotional connection with the travel video. It'll enhance the overall viewing experience and will leave you and your viewers feeling SO happy.

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

Open road highway

"Life Is A Highway" is an iconic road trip song. Remember the movie Cars? That's definitely the first thing memory I have when I think of this song.

It's worth mentioning that I think of the montage in the movie where Lightning McQueen is on a road trip to California, he's living his best life, he's a super star race car, and life truly feels like a highway; fast and adventurous!

It's lyrical meaning and message is also what makes this song for your travel video because it's about embracing life's journey and all its twists and turns. This will resonate with viewers from all walks of life, all generations.

It inspires optimism and appreciation for the experiences that travel brings.

Overwhelmed by all your song options?

Leave it to Spivo Video to choose the right song for your video!

Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone

Two jet planes

This song is a little different, but in a great waym and has powerful features. "Big Jet Plane" is a song that is calming and has a mellow melody.

It creates a serene atmosphere, making it an the best accompaniment for capturing travel moments like scenic landscapes and peaceful getaways.

Additionally, it exhibits romantic and intimate vibes too. The song has lyrics that can add depth to your travel video, particularly when featuring travel experiences with loved ones or emphasizing the emotional connection to the places you have visited.

Travelin’ Band - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Concert and band

Your head will 100% be nodding and bouncing to this song when you hear it in your travel video!

"Travelin' Band" is a timeless classic, that exudes charm and is bound to make your travel video have a familiarity and connection vibe.

It is catchy and is widely known and appreciated, appealing to a broad range of audiences and will make your travel video more engaging for viewers of all ages.

The song's sing-along quality and infectious chorus create a fun and interactive experience, encouraging you and your audience to join in or tap their feet while enjoying the video.

Its energetic nature also makes it a perfect fit for montages of different travel experiences and destinations, while also seamlessly complementing any fast-paced editing of footage.

Barcelona - Ed Sheeran

The city of Barcelona, Spain

Can you hear that? No, it's not the ad for travel insurance... it's Ed Sheeran . Not only is his voice and music serene, but his songs make for best travel songs.

His song makes specific references to Barcelona making it a perfect fit for your montage that feature the city of Barcelona or any other destination with a similar vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Ed Sheeran is popular so his music appeals to a broad audience, making "Barcelona" enjoyable for audiences of different ages and backgrounds, even if they are in fact from Barcelona.

It's also fair to say that the song has a cinematic quality that can enhance the visual storytelling of your video, making it more captivating

Budapest - George Ezra

The city of Budapest, Hungary

"Budapest" a is an ideal recap video song because like others, its direct reference to a specific destination makes it a perfect fit for showcasing the beauty of Budapest or similar locations.

The song's lyrics about travel and experiencing new places can ignite wonder in viewers, encouraging them to plan their own adventures and travel memories.

Whether your video captures a solo, a romantic getaway, or a group exploration, the song seamlessly adapts to a variety of travel themes and would be perfect as background music for your travel's activities in your video.

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

A city train in black and white

I bet you're on a midnight train listening to this song! "Don't Stop Believin" is iconic and is known by everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

The song's chorus, as memorable as it is, can leave a lasting impact on you and your audiences, enhancing the travel video's memorability and enjoyment.

The song serves as a feel-good anthem, giving viewers motivation and empowerment, and fostering a positive emotional connection with your video.

The song's themes are resilience and chasing dreams, which make it a fitting choice for any travel scenario, from backpacking to luxurious vacations.

Vienna - Billy Joel

The city of Vienna, Austria

"Vienna" is a fantastic song for your video for many reasons.

Its lyrics add emotional depth to the storytelling, leaving viewers feeling connected to your memories, and as a timeless classic, the song provokes feelings of nostalgia and appreciation, resonating with both new and seasoned travellers.

The track sets a mood for videos that explore vibrant cities with historical significance and cultural heritage, like Vienna. Its elegant and it's sound adds a touch of charm, complementing the city's aesthetics.

Overall, the song is a great choice for a video that needs a captivating experience to leave a lasting impact on you and your audience.

Extra Tips

Yellow and blue question marks

Collaborate with Spivo Video

Spivo Logo

If picking a song is overwhelming or if you don't want to deal with all the legal logistics of using music, consider Spivo Video.

Our team of professional video editors are ready to pick a song for your video that will make it unforgettable. We have a long list of royalty free music that one or two songs are guaranteed to fit perfectly with your video!

You can also upload your own music to us to incorporate in your video.

To see our music library, simply receive a quote, purchase the edit, and use the Dropbox provided to effortlessly upload your content files.

For examples of customer videos, make sure to check us out on TikTok and Instagram!



I'm sure all this talk about travel songs for travel videos is making you itch! Go on that adventure, but don't forget to collect video memories, send them to us, and pick a song!

Safe Travels!

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