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Spivo Stick GoPro Mount Accessories

Did you know that Spivo offers more than just the world’s best camera pole?

Spivo Stick Medium Waterproof Turtle Snorkel

We recently called a bunch of our customers to ask them about their Spivo experience thus far. We were overwhelmed by the kind words but found a bit of a trend with people saying “I wish it would float”...

To which we would reply; “Do you know about the floaty attachment?”


Hmm well we quickly realized that we had not told our customers about the other amazing accessories that are available for your Spivo Stick adventures.

Here they are!


Spivo Stick Flotay Attachment

Yup, it exists. Made of EVA foam this little gem will attach to your Spivo Stick to keep your investment, your camera, and your memories afloat.

But Spivo, why doesn’t it float on it’s own?

Well, many of our customers actually NEED the Spivo Stick to sink when they go scuba-diving or swimming. On top of that, we cannot predict what camera our customers will decide to use with the Spivo Stick and some are heavier than others making it hard for us to ensure it will float no matter what.

Spivo Stick Floaty Accessory Attachment

The Floaty weighs virtually nothing and does not obstruct the view of the camera. Simply Velcro it on and have peace of mind next time you go for a water adventure!

For $19.99 you can ensure your memories and cameras will stay with you.

Get your Floaty here.


Phone Mount

Spivo Stick Phone Mount Attachment Accessory

When we designed the Spivo Stick we knew that a lot of people would use it with their GoPro; however, we also knew that not everyone has a GoPro and would probably still want a Spivo Stick!

We launched the Spivo Stick with an attachable Phone Mount as an add on accessory because we wanted everyone to feel welcomed to the party. iPhone, Samsung, anything else? You’re all invited because at Spivo we don’t want to discriminate from filming your adventures.

We just launched our new and improved Phone Mount and gee-whiz is this thing snazzy!

With adjustable clasps and a durable design, our new Phone Mount will keep your device in place while staying light. Perfect for videos, selfies, delayed timers, Snapchat, and any other creative ideas you may have!

The Phone Mount also makes a great addition to the Spivo Stick if you already film with a GoPro. Switch it up now and then to get different angles and shots. 

Spivo Stick Phone Mount Attachment Accessory

Get you Phone Mount here!


Spivo Stick

The one and only, the GoPro accessory that needs not introduction, the reason we are all here! The Spivo Stick!

Although we realize this blog is about accessories for the Spivo Stick, we could not go without mentioning the product itself. 

Did you know that the best camera pole on the market comes in three sizes?

Spivo Stick Three Sizes Camera Pole

You may already have one size but have you ever considered trying another length? 

Each size of Spivo Stick produces a different perspective and style of shot that would make your filming experience that much better! 

Not sure which size is best for you? Check out our size guide here.

Christmas is coming up and we're sure someone on your list (including you) would love to get their hands on a Spivo Stick or Spivo Stick accessory! 

Order yours today!


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