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The Best GoPro Videos of the Week

Welcome back to Watch Worthy Weekly

Ring the Alarm - Tanner Hall

Love him or hate him Tanner Hall is arguably one of the best skiers that has ever lived. From dominating slopestyle, crushing the halfpipe, and sending it in the back country the self proclaimed "Ski Boss" really is a boss and a versatile one at that. 

He has spent the past two years working on a independently funded movie Ring the Alarm. The amazing thing is much of the footage is shot on GoPro! Too bad he did not have the best GoPro mount, the Spivo Stick, with him. I guess there's always the next two years. 

Oh yeah... and he released it for free! Keep you eyes opened for a HotWheel style loop.


Watch Ring the Alarm Here



I have no idea what happened this week but for whatever reason two athletes released movies... for free!

Dayumm is a project which saw Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason getting together to make a snowboard movie that would not only push the level of each others riding but also showcase snowboarding in a way they both believe in. You’ll see everything from technical tricks to some of the most creative features to date and all while having as much fun as possible!

If your boss catches you watching these tell them that they deserve a break too!
Have a safe and happy Halloween. 
Enjoy these GoPro videos! See you next week.

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