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The Brose Farm Jam Went Off!!!

Last Saturday, situated on a humble farm in Ontario, Canada over 300 people gathered to celebrate action sports, live music, and Mother Nature - meet The Brose Farm

Zach Horne going for a 360 lookback at the Brose Farm

As a brief reminder as to what Brose Farm is, check out our previous blog about the event here.

As the Spivo team approached the entrance off of Golden Lake the sheer scope of the event quickly became apparent. With a quick look of the 3-4 story high drop-in ramps, 80ft motocross gap, two massive man-made wakeboard pools equipped with a winch, and a huge Redbull truck with built in speakers and a DJ, we knew this event was far from a hobby, it was a spectacle. 

Most extreme selfie we've seen yet! Can you top that? follow @martinezfmxmtl for all of his adrenaline inducing activities - @spivostick


Organizers were quick and friendly by helping guests, athletes, and exhibitors alike feel welcomed by making sure all their needs were met. Athletes were required to wear helmets and although no one was seriously injured paramedics were on standby - everything was as professional as could be including the ability to camp on premise to ensure nobody drank and drove. Kudos for that!

Staying true to their roots the event hosted meticulously built courses for BMX and mountain bikes, a massive freestyle-motocross jump, a pump-track that had little grom rippers on their bikes, and as previously mentioned, new to this year two large wakeboard/wakeskate pools.

A wakeboarder is pulled by a winch to hit a feature going from pool to pool

Over the course of the day the MC did a great job of keeping everyone entertained and eyes peeled on the nonstop action. As the sun beat down temperatures felt as if they were in the high 30's but Redbull decided to cool everyone down with free drinks.

A live band performed first, followed by DJ's, and even two rappers throwing down some deep lyrics. 

In terms of talent, there was none lacking and everyone was throwing down! We saw spins and flips on bikes and wakeboards, tail-whips, flip-whips, and even a biker throw a 720!

Was the event extreme? Absolutely, but that does not meet there was not fun for the whole family! We saw grandparents and grand-kids alike enjoying all the sights and sounds. A local food truck swung by to sell donairs, poutine, and our personal favourite bison burgers. Even a homemade ice-cream producer was there to help people beat the heat. 

A couple local vendors were on display including our friends DU Lifestyle, Joe Mamma's Bike Store, and of course Spivo Stick! We had a bunch of fun talking to people about our product as well as giving them a chance to buy one in person and save on shipping.

From left to right, Andre Bellerive and Greg Dillon

The event was a huge success and we are already excited for next year!

See you there!

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