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Top 5 Spivo Posts - August Edition

Umm August?...

Where did you go?

As always this beautiful month flew by! Weddings, adventures, warm weather, and summer nights kept us happy, healthy, and full of life.  For many August is a month of trying to cram as much fun into one’s life as possible, as many return to school or their work.

Although running Spivo has kept all of the members indoors more so than we would have liked, we still managed to squeeze the most out of what the beautiful weather offered us.

As August came and went, everyone at Spivo watched as experiences around the world were documented using Spivo Sticks. We still can’t believe that over 1000 posts have been made using our hashtags (#spivo and #spivostick) and as always, this month has proven difficult to choose our top favourite 5. Nevertheless, here they are! Keep an eye out for yourself; you may have made the cut.

These are our top 5 favourite posts created in the action-packed month of August!

#5 - - River-floats, bridge jumps, and sunburns. 

"Dude, that was the coolest thing"

Andre strongly believes that a summer is not complete without a river float and luckily for him, the weather worked in his favour last week. After the rain poured all morning, Andre and his group were left feeling defeated sitting in the parking lot for the river. Miraculously, after 15 minutes the clouds broke and they were able let the water’s current transport them for hours under the radiant sun. After finding a few sunburns and a bridge to jump off the crew got back to shore wishing summer would never end.

#4 - @achcccxlv - Hey shark!? Say cheese...please?

Although Aaron thinks this video is a “fail”, we’re absolutely positive it’s a win. Getting that close with a nurse shark is an experience to remember regardless if it smiles for the camera or not. The way it swims off had us mesmerized watching it several times on repeat. Gorgeous!

#3 - @meelv - Must be hump-day.

Riding a Camel in Sahara Dessert with a Spivo Stick
We’ve been following Melissa since we started seeing her post amazing pictures using her Spivo Stick around the world. We can only assume, based off the recent photos that she is on a trip of a lifetime exploring the luxuries and history of European cities to the vast natural beauty of African deserts. In this post she claimed her camel, Hamouda, was lazy.

Well Melissa, looks like he’s doing all the work to us!

All jokes aside; the colours and the perspective make this one spectacular shot.

#2 - @jakekelsick  - Another professional athlete making us jealous of their lifestyle.

Born in Antigua, Jake got his hands on a kite at around 11 years old and hasn’t looked back since! Letting the wind be his engine, Jake masterfully controls his kite to be able to perform unreal tricks (often times jumping over local swimmers). I guess it might take a pro to make using a full kite setup with one hand look as easy as Jake does.

On the side Jake loves documenting and he focuses his energy on producing creative content on and off the water. Needless to say the Spivo Stick was a “must-try” GoPro accessory for Jake. In this video you can see no editing was required to create a truly dramatic clip.

Jake liked the Spivo Stick so much he even made a video review of it! Watch it here.

#1 - @jpcarew - This sea-turtle enjoys paparazzi as much as Kanye does.

Our good friends at Snorkel Around the World recently ran a Spivo Stick giveaway contest; many applied but only one winner was chosen. Congrats to Jon-Paul for winning! Being a self proclaimed surfer, scuba-diver, snowboarder, and traveller, we could not have chosen a better suited Spivo Stick user if we tried!

Within a week Jon-Paul had sent us one of the most amazing sea turtle videos we have seen yet. The turtle actually hits the Spivo Stick as he swims off. Maybe he wanted a turn to film himself or maybe he was just tired of the paparazzi, either way this is one gorgeous animal.

Again, zero editing was required to share this video! Even the sun-flare effect at the end was all natural.

Just one more reason why Spivo Stick is the best camera accessory on the market!


Don't forget that the next time you create some great content using your Spivo Stick we will be looking for it by searching our hashtags #spivo or #spivostick . By doing so, you'll join the thousands of others around the world in sharing their journeys and adventures. Who knows, maybe you'll make next month's top 5!

 See you in September!

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