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Top 5 #Spivo Posts - December Edition

New Year New Adventures

This time last year we were fulfilling our very first orders. This year we scrambled like elves trying to fulfill thousands of orders. Crazy what one year can do!

Knowing people around the globe purchased Spivo Sticks to give as gifts is such an exciting feeling! We wish we were able to see everyone’s smile as they opened their new Spivo Stick... but that would be a little creepy.

As the new year quickly approaches we are in awe of how many people have used our hashtag, #Spivo and we can barely believe we almost have 25,000 followers on Instagram!

As always, I find this time of month difficult yet fun trying to choose the top 5 Spivo posts.

Without further ado here are the winners!

Want to make this list? Be sure to use our hashtags, we’re always looking!

5) @ryangreenspan - Cage Diving with Great Whites!

Well Ryan is no stranger to these posts. He's made it top 5 a couple times now but if I traveled the world as a world's best paintball player I'd have some cool content too. Making a stop in Africa? Might as well jump in the water with some great white sharks. 

4) @markdefraine - Makes Everyone Wish They were in Turks and Caicos

Mark Defraine wakeboarding in Turcs with his Spivo Stick
Those colours... that's almost all I can say. Wow. Apparently Mark has gotten people saying that his photos are BS because the colours are so unreal. He posted a unedited video to prove that... nope, Turks and Caicos is actually paradise. 

3) @itsmechand - Finally! The Video to all of our Favourite Photos!

Top 5 hall-of-famer, Chand has a life that is so full of adventure that it would be cruel not to document. We've followed him all year seeing his gorgeous and exciting Spivo shots but we always wondered, "WHERE THE HECK IS THE VIDEO TO THESE". Well he finally put together exactly what we had been eagerly awaiting. Thanks Chand!

2) @xavsgob - Lost in Thailand isn't so Bad

Xavier backpacking through Thailand with his Spivo Stick
There is something so mysterious about this photo. Like a piece of art, Xavier's photo leaves the viewer with a blank canvas to the narrative. The colours and curiosity of this picture is unlike anything we've ever seen before and that's exactly why he made the cut!

1) @npiproductions - BEST PROPOSAL EVER! Congrats!

Helicopters, Santa suits, surfboards, diamond rings, 10,000 people, and an engagement... you bet this deserves number one! Not only did Dalton capture his special day on camera but he did it in a fashion that deserves an award. Congrats Dalton, not for making the top spot but for making one lucky lady feel very special!


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Have a wonderful, safe, and exciting new year!

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