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Top 5 #Spivo Posts - November Edition

Hello December, goodbye November! The holiday season is upon us.

As the temperatures did not seem to drop too dramatically around the Spivo offices in Ottawa, Ontario, we did see our jaws drop to the floor when saw the snowfall of some resorts in British Columbia. 

Revelstoke and Whistler are off to season starts that would make any skier or snowboarder consider quitting their job and moving at a moment's notice. 

As Winter has shyly decided to show up around us, Summer has begun to heat up the lands of our Aussie friends. 

Again this monthly has been a exemplary month of content both warm and cold. As lifelong skiers, we're thrilled to see the snowy winter sport Spivo Stick footage but we're still envious of warmth and sunny adventures people post from around the world.

Posts of surfing in Hawaii, hiking in British Columbia, exploring the states, and chasing Manta Rays in Asia, made it just as hard as last month to choose our top 5 favourite #spivo posts.

Alas only 5 could be chosen and here they are!

Did you make the cut? - Hiking Joffre Lakes, B.C.

Andre Hiking Joffre Lakes B.C.

We call this style of photo “The Anti-Selfie”. By looking away from your camera into the distance you can create an inviting effect for you audience. Try it next time you’re at a scene that deserves to be shared. We recommend using the Long Spivo for maximum effect.

@johnny_the_ripper - Surfing Hawaii

At the age of 13, competitive surfer, Johnny knows a thing or two about catching a wave. Residing in Hawaii, Johnny has learned some insane skills both concrete and water. If he keeps this up he’ll go pro in no time!

@joeyvillaflor - Hanging and Gliding Over California

Dedication is 3D printing your own custom mount to use a Spivo Stick while soaring around the states. Head over to our Instagram @spivostick to see Joey dab while flying.

@itsenriquetho - Surprise Zipline Birthday

Some people dread their birthday, I’ve never understood why especially when you have stories like Enrique’s where he was surprised with a ziplining experience. We were thrilled he brought his GoPro and Spivo as the results are super fun to watch! Happy birthday Enrique!

 @rezify - Found Paradise at Havasupai

How much fun is this video!? When Aaron decided to capture his day exploring Havasupai Reservation in the states I doubt he realized how much FOMO (fear of missing out) it would cause across social media. Who else wants to head to this paradise?

Don't forget to use our hashtag #spivo when you post your GoPro, smartphone, or camera content across social media; who knows, you may be in this very email next month!

See you then!

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