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Spivo Stick Review

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but is a thousand words worth a picture? 

We have no idea... but what we do know how much a good review is worth to us and that answer is everything! 

Seeing the kind words and praise pour in over something we have so passionately put our efforts into is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Normally we share content to showcase our amazing customers but this time we are sharing content that our customers said about us.

We would love it if you could take the time to leave your own review by clicking here.

Here's what the world has to say about Spivo!

Video Reviews

Ryan Greenspan, Pro Paintballer said:

Ryan Greenspan is a professional paintball player and founder of San Diego Dynasty (the team that has won more professional tournaments than any other team in the history of the sport) also travels the world doing really cool stuff - as if competing in paintball isn't cool enough.

Recently Ryan got his hands on a Spivo Stick to help him document his extensive journeys and adventures and after a month's use he put out his thoughts in a captivating video review. Ryan goes in depth on the value added by being able to rotate the camera 180 degrees. He also highlights the usefulness of the Spivo Stick transition in editing for both beginner and accomplished video editors.

"Now, this offers you the opportunity to be able to tell a story and then flip the camera around and show everyone what you're talking about without having to edit anything. It's really cool for those quick Instagram video uploads where you don't have to do any editing."

Watch it till the end, there's a really funny finish. 

Dad Does said:

Dad's are full of advice so it only makes sense that one would create a YouTube channel reviewing products, toys, and gadgets. 

With over 100k subscribers, Dad Does is a trusted source for a wealth of information. 

We're thrilled to have his approval!

DIYGoproguy said:

Jesse Davi, has over 43,000 subscribers on YouTube but most people know him as DIYGoproguy. He has established a trusted channel of GoPro specific tips, tutorials, and GoPro Accessory reviews. As no surprise it made perfect sense for him to review Spivo Stick, and so he did!

"The idea is so freaking cool. I really really like the idea. It's one of the only products that does this like this." 

His extensive video review includes a close up product description, various clips of the Spivo in use, and finally a pros and cons opinion piece in the end. 

"Designed to allow the user to press a button and have their camera turn 180 degrees which is great to be able to record yourself and your environment in a moments notice."

We were really pleased to hear his comments about the comfort of the Spivo Stick grip. When we were designing the Spivo Stick we put a lot of time and effort into developing an ergonomic grip as most poles we had previously used were just round. He goes on to say: 

"One the lightest poles I've ever used"

Jake Kelsick, Pro Kiteboarder said: 

"The stick is also waterproof so you don't have to worry about taking it into the water."

Jake Kelsick is talented beyond idea when he's strapped into a kite. Operating his rig with one hand while filming with the other seems more natural than most people look using both hands. 

Considering Jake's sport has him bound to aquatic areas he highlights the importance of having the Spivo Stick be waterproof as well as suggesting using the Floaty.

Jake's review is short and sweet and besides pronouncing Spivo a little differently than we intended he does a great job of covering the main value of having a Spivo Stick. Thanks Jake!

Karl Conrad said:

That a Spivo Stick is a "Best Tech under $50".

ReviewsOnAnything said:

"It executes it's idea really well it does exactly what it says on the box"

Having a respected channel based on reviewing literally anything ReviewsOnAnything recently posted his thoughts on Spivo Stick. 

"A very nice and ergonomic handle which is very comfortable to hold"

Performing video reviews on anything from sunglasses to headphones there is no bias on the products he chooses to tackle and therefore they are honest and authentic opinions.

"Quality-wise its's a great product... execution is done really well, its solidly built, it works really well, and its just a nice piece to own and have":

Once again a reviewer picked up on the comfortable ergonomics of the handle. We continue to be pleased at this due to the effort and design time we put into it.

Reviews and How-To's said:

“I thought that the Spivo Stick was a very good product, I’ve never seen anything like it. I do highly recommend this”

Giniology said:

Aspiring YouTuber Giniology was one of our earliest customers and one of the first to record an un-boxing. Our packaging has since changed but we we extremely grateful to see him replace his broken GoPole with a Spivo Stick. 


Rory Bushfield, Pro Skier said:

"That Spivo Stick is so rad man!"


Ryan Robinson, Pro Highliner said:

Ryan Robinson Balancing on a Slack Line Thousands of Feet in the Air

"Love the Spivo Stick! I think my favourite thing about it is everyone's reaction to it spinning around is caught on camera and it's usually a big smile :)

You guys rock! I'll be bringing my Spivo Stick to Brazil with me in a few weeks!!!" 


Redbull's Crashed Ice World Champion, Cameron Naasz said:Cameron Naasz Winning at Redbull Crashed Ice 2016

"I enjoyed using the Spivo Stick and will continue to use it making videos with friends to get that unique shot that it delivers... I thought it worked just how it was supposed to and I definitely got a lot of attention from it." 


Hayden Korte-Moore said:Hayden Koorte Moore using her Spivo at hot springs in British Columbia

"I love the way it works and since I just got into making little iPhone edits it should be a great tool to help me get fun footage."


Taylor Sudermann said:Taylor Sudermann Hiking in Banff with her Spivo Stick

"The Spivo Stick is amazing and I really love what you guys have done."


Nick Martino said:Nick Martino Camera


"Unreal product! I am very impressed! This is something that everyone has needed! I will be showing all of my friends this! Great idea"


@downhill_puppet said:Downhill Skateboarding Longboarding Spivo

"I'm so glad and stoked to be able to get my hands on a Spivo Stick! It's the best thing ever ! Thanks!"


@__lianet said:Beach fun with Spivo

"I'm obsessed with the Spivo"

David Wuertz said:

"I really enjoy the product and it is great to work with!!"

@mkloveland said:

"Love the stick btw, shout out to your warehouse, was super quick with getting it to me in time for the holiday!"


@mogliore said:

"I love your products... I have been borrowing my cousins stick non-stop lately. Ever since I used my cousins in the water I've been spreading the word like crazy with all my family and friends about all your dope product"


We'll be adding more as they come in! Thanks for reading.

Don't forget to leave your own review here. 


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