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Winter Sports - Take Your Spivo Stick With You!

Mike Riddle Pro Skier Halfpipe

So you bought a Spivo Stick because you love winter. 

Maybe you ski, snowboard, snowmobile, skate, fat-bike, maybe you just love hot chocolate but either way you love winter. 

Cold temperatures don't scare you. When people are crying about the snowfall you are smiling about how much fun you'll have in it. You are a winter warrior!

Everyone at Spivo Stick grew up in Canada loving the snowy winters and all that they had to offer. Without a doubt Spivo Stick was designed to be the best camera and GoPro stick for winter activities. 

Need some inspiration on what to do with your Spivo Stick during the winter months?

Keep reading to see our favourite things to do!


Skiing Powder in Japan

Each founder at Spivo are life long skiers. In fact, Spivo Stick was originally created out of the frustration of taking turns filming each other on the ski hill. 

(Most) People already ski with poles, having a Spivo Stick replace one pole is no challenge and the footage you can capture will truly make you look like the best skier on the hill. 

Wondering what size to use? We recommend the Medium while using a action cam such as GoPro. 

Why? Because you can easily toss a Medium in your backpack. 

Tips on filming: Ski in a line with your friends. Make sure to film your buddy sending it  off that huge drop then rotate the camera to capture yourself doing it way better. 

Ski with mitts or gloves? Spivo Stick's action trigger was designed to work with any form of outerwear.  


We believe that there is one love on the hill! Snowboarding is one of the most stylish sports out there - once you've gotten better than sliding around on your bum. 

The best part? You have free hands! Free hands mean you could even use two Spivo Sticks at once... okay we don't necessarily recommend it but we'd love to see someone try.

Tips: Finally mastered that rail? Film the approach to show your audience how gnarly it is then hit the action trigger to show yourself crushing a nose press. 

Have fun and get creative! Your free hands are a huge advantage for getting interesting shots. 

Heli-Skiing / Snowboarding

Taking a dream trip to go heli-skiing or cat-skiing? You NEED to capture that experience on film.

Make sure to get a shot of the heli taking off or the cat driving away then spin the camera around to see you and your squad's reaction. We're already jealous. 


Andre Winter Hiking in BC with a Spivo Stick

Winter hikes, to some may not seem like the most appetizing activity but when you get out in nature and no one else is around you can stumble across some real beauty. 

With the quality of clothing available now people can now comfortably spend hours in the pristine white winter wonderland.  

Andre was lucky enough to have some curious birds land on his Spivo Stick.

Andre with a bird on his Spivo Stick while hiking in BC

Wondering what size to use? Unlike skiing or snowboarding, winter exploring is less limiting to the equipment you can bring. We advise you to use the Long for stunning cinematic shots. 

Tips: Try the "anti-selfie" where you look into the distance and hold your Spivo Stick behind you this creates picturesque landscape shots that make viewers feel apart of the scene. 

Andre Anti-Selfie Lake Joffre

Alright we'll admit, winter does get cold. Have you ever been to a natural hot-spring? It's literally nature's hot tub. There's something about being in a bathing-suit in winter that makes us happy. Get too hot and jump in the snow! We dare'ya. 

Hayden at the British Columbia hot springs


Zach wins the award for Spivo creativity as he dug a hold for his huskies to investigate. Results = adorable. 

Husky dogs looking at Spivo Stick

Winter Vacation

Winter camping? Personally not a decision I'd make but many people swear by it! Your friend's don't believe you that you slept outside in negative temperatures? Be sure to prove them wrong with footage from your Spivo Stick.

 Winter camping with Spivo Stick

Fine, fine, fine... the cold can get to us too. Solution? Take a winter vacation to somewhere hot and sunny. It may not technically fall under "winter sports" but it does technically fall under a winter activity. 

Winter vacation in Miami with a Spivo Stick


Have you done a winter activity with your Spivo Stick that we forgot to list? Show us by using our hashtag #Spivo 

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