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Spivo is your private video editing service

Our editing team is your editing team. We handle all the back end transferring of files, video editing by professionals and delivery of completed videos to your customers.

Getting started is easy

Customers love, love, love their videos

A done-for-you video editing service delivering amazing videos without wasting any of your time

Whether you’re adventuring with friends, globe-trotting solo, or sharing unforgettable experiences with family, the last thing you have time for is editing your videos once you get home. You want to experience the moments, capture incredible memories, and then have a wicked recap video to remember it all and share with your family and friends.

While the obvious solution is to video edit yourself, you don’t have the time, energy, experience, or will power to sit there for hours and hours sifting through piles of videos and photos. Raw videos are too long and boring to share on social media or even watch back home, so they inevitably end up collecting digital dust and go unseen.

At Spivo, we say, “Let’s freggin’ go!” Our expert team of editors hand-select the very best moments from your footage and files to create epic, inspiring videos that you’ll want to watch again and again.

Navigating our seamless 4-step system is simple. You shoot. We edit. And by the end of it all, the only challenge you’ll face is getting out fast enough to capture more awesome moments.

Ready to turn your best experiences into amazing memories?

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We’ve made the process of getting videos created for your customers as simple as possible.

Best quality adventure video edits in the world

Our professional editors are story telling ninjas!

100% love guarantee

Means either your customers love it or we’ll make it right. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our editors can work wonders

Videos are shaky? Too dark? Not exciting? We can turn any video memories into a great video.

Made for adventurers by adventurers

We’re the only company dedicated to making adventure and travel videos accessible to everyone.

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