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10 Spectacular Places To Take Your Spivo Stick

If you are anything like us, you live for taking your adventures to new heights and depths, by capturing your experience on camera to relive it afterwards or share it with the world. Chances are, if you spend your free time exploring the joys of the world, you've documented it with a GoPro, smartphone, or a digital camera. The ease of use and high quality resolution has made documenting adventures effortless and engaging. 

Our beloved customers, family, and friends have captured some truly spectacular things all around the world. Here are some of our favourite places to bring the Spivo Stick to make the most out of the footage you shoot:

1. Highlining Cliffs in British Columbia


If you’re extreme and talented enough to highline you deserve to have it documented; add a massive cliff and it becomes imperative to relive. With the click of a trigger you can show your audience the surroundings and the height, confirming how much more courageous you are than us. 

2. Climbing the Matterhorn, Switzerland

Everyone deserves to experience the Matterhorn at least once in their life, an experience worth reliving with a 360 degree capture allowing you to marvel over it as many times as you'd like. Afraid of heights? Hang the long Spivo Stick over the edge to get an angle you'd never be able to reach otherwise. 

3. Camping Out in Gatineau Park, Quebec


A lot of effort goes into camping. From setting up tents to preparing your own food the time spent in nature is highly rewarding and often visually captivating. Relieve your efforts with your favourite camera. Disconnecting from emails highly recommended. Lounging in a hammock highly recommended.  

4. Cliff Jumping in South Point Hawaii, USA

Equal parts terrifying and exhilarating – jumping with your waterproof Spivo Stick allows you to relive the entire experience replay after replay. Showcase the height by filming forward then quickly rotate the camera to demonstrate the plunge giving your viewers the closest sensation to jumping themselves. 

5. Skiing at Edelweiss Ski Resort, Quebec


Yes, skiing in North America’s "premier" ski resort is even better when it’s caught on camera. Snowboarding and skiing at Edelweiss' progressive Rockstar snowpark is exciting, extreme, and worthy of a great video. Ride down the slopes while you trigger your adventure in the fresh powder... ahem... groomers.

6. Skydiving


If you’re going to dive head first out of a perfectly good plane, you’re going to want to capture it on film. Free-falling 13,000 feet to the ground goes by quicker than you may think, but its still enough time to create terrifying and captivating 360 degree footage with your Spivo Stick.

7. Underwater In The Great Barrier Reef


Waterproof cameras are amazing – but what’s even better is having an entirely submersible Spivo Stick to mount it to. Scuba-diving allows humans to temporarily live in a completely different world. Capture your experience of the mesmerizing deep of Australia’s great natural wonder, shooting everything from coral reefs, sharks, and all of the marine life surrounding you.

8. Surfing at Pacifica, California


If you surf and you haven’t experienced the waters of California, you’re sincerely missing out. Make your friends jealous by showcasing your ear-to-ear smile and aquatic balance as your rush back to shore all captured with your Spivo Stick.

9. From The Cockpit


Who has some of the best views in the world? Pilots. This lucky passenger got to experience an aerial stunt plane as he pulled huge G's while doing loops and rolls. Some people cannot physically handle this experience; thankfully viewing the Spivo footage is the closest thing to living it.  

10. Kayaking in Croatia 


Ah Croatia and it's world renown beauty. From the surreal party culture of Yacht Week, to the serenity of the islands, this country has something for everyone.  We highly recommend renting kayaks and exploring the aqua blue waters. Capture the incomparable views using a medium Spivo Stick for a truly cinematic shot. Don't forget your floaty in case you get too excited and drop your Spivo in the water!

Now that you've got an idea of what’s possible at the end of your Spivo Stick, it’s time to make a list of all the adventures you’re going to have this summer. Think this list is missing something? Be sure to use #spivo or #spivostick on your favourite social media account and maybe you'll make the next blog post. 

Happy adventuring! 


Apr 22, 2016 • Posted by Remi Bellerive

The Spivo stick rules! :)

Apr 22, 2016 • Posted by Eric

I love my spivo stick. I wish you sold them on Amazon or another site that has an affiliate program.

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