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The Story Behind Spivo’s Favourite Shot

There are fewer things more rewarding than exploring new countries and experiencing the beauty of our world. Although not everyone wants to jump from cliffs or climb breathtaking mountains, most people love to see you do it. Enter the Spivo Stick, your solution to ensuring that your memories are eternalized in the most innovative and engaging way possible. Every so often we receive some footage so inspiring that even we need to hear the story behind it. This is why we we have started to blog about the story behind the shot. 

Travelling is a passion to many and although memories are priceless, documenting them have been made entirely possible thanks to Spivo Stick. Recently Andre Bellerive took a trip to Sennen Cove, one of the most scenic cliffside in England. White sand and historically beautiful scenery, Sennen Cove bears traditional roots to a fishing community. 

Sennen Cove: The Hike Of A Lifetime

Originally Andre was brought to England for a research conference but the temptation was too powerful for him to not explore. As soon as he could, Andre set out on the hike of a lifetime, visiting the most southwest point of the UK. Equipped with his Spivo Stick Andre reached alarming heights and experimented getting unique and powerful shots by hanging over cliffs with waves crashing below.

Searching For The Perfect Angle 

Upon chatting with local residents around town, Andre was able locate and explore some of the most dramatic natural scenery the countryside had to offer. Appearing like an image out of a movie the age-old hillside demands a sense of respect, attention, and awe. And although the waves crashing against the rocks were deafening the natural noise was welcomed and captivating - unlike anything heard in the city. With the saltiness of the sea lingering in the air, Andre was reminded how much nature had to offer, making it difficult to leave. 

Bold Shots Of The Seaside

Andre set out to explore the spectacular coastal territory, documenting his journey with pictures from angles never attempted before. Having his Spivo Stick in hand allowed him to creatively take pictures literally on the edge of the Earth. Seabirds, seals, and sunshine frequently kept Andre company, ensuring though he was alone, he was never lonely. 

Life On The Edge Will Never Feel The Same After A Shot Like This:

Even if you are not prepared to hang over jaw-dropping cliffs your next adventure no matter how big or small can be brilliantly enriched with a Spivo Stick.
It’s time to trigger your own experience and relive it ways you never thought possible. Maybe you will be the next feature on the story behind the shot; let your Spivo Stick do the work for you. Get your Spivo Stick here

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