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About Us

Marc capturing some incredible footage while hanging from a helicopter

Mechanical engineers, Andre Bellerive and Marc Bjerring, grew up in Canada taking advantage of all the land had to offer from skiing to travel. Being hobbyist filmmakers they experienced a flaw in the current market offerings - cameras were fixed to one static position. Their vision was to not only create a solution to their problem, but establish an entirely new way to document our lives. Spivo Stick was the answer. Allowing you to instantly rotate your action camera, smart phone, or digital camera with a click of a button, the Spivo Stick will let you experience filming like never before. Not only is operating the waterproof device fun to use but the transition effect it creates rivals post editing software. Never miss a once-in-lifetime shot again and take control of your footage with Spivo Stick. 

Meet the Team

Andre Bellerive - Edmonton born, Ottawa raised, Andre has spent the last two years working on his engineering thesis in explosion instabilities. When he's not focusing on things blowing up he can be found skiing, riding bmx, surfing, playing soccer, or shooting with his various cameras. Mealtime: caesars and hot-dogs. Favourite beer: Beaus. Favourite ski hill: Whistler, BC (how Cliche). Favourite movie: Gladiator "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?". Dream car: Tesla model S. Last artist on iPod: Tristam

Marc Bjerring - Montreal born, Ottawa raised, Marc served as a Canadian Forces Reservist, while completing his engineering degree. When he's not jumping out of helicopters and airplanes he can also be found skiing, surfing, cycling, diving, and riding bmx. Mealtime: stouts and pizza. Favourite beer: Andre's Caesers. Favourite ski hill: Revelstoke, BC. Favourite movie: Cool Runnings... mon. Dream car: Kawasaki H2R. Last artist on iPod: Milky Chance.

Pat Lalonde - Yukon born, Ottawa raised, Pat has spent the past four years managing a very successful sales force.  When he's not talking too loud, he's still talking too loud, but you can often find him working on his car or rock climbing. Mealtime: Sushi and sake. Favourite beer: Dark and Stormy. Favourite Ski Hill: Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Favourite Movie: American Pie. Dream car: McLaren P1.