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Guy falls from helicopter at 5000ft!

When Marc got an email from Go Skydive Gatineau offering him the opportunity to jump out of a helicopter he instantly signed up. Considering how many people fear the idea of even getting into to a helicopter, Marc’s family and friends thought he was nuts but like most adrenaline junkies he couldn't have been more excited.

At 5000ft Marc and a fellow jumper, Sean, climbed onto the runners hanging on with both hands over the rolling farmland below. With big smiles on their faces and hanging over an otherwise lethal height they begin counting down; but before they could get to "1" something crazy happened.

Guy Slips and Falls from Helicopter

The other jumper slipped off the runners, let out a brief yell, and began plummeting towards earth. Without hesitation Marc let go and began his descend back to planet Earth.

Although an experienced jumper and equipped with a parachute, losing grip was still enough of a shock that both jumpers admitted momentary fear, but also excitement. 

Marc has jumped out of planes numerous times but he described falling from the helicopter an entirely different experience and sensation, one that was so special that he needed to have it documented.

Skydiver Free Falling from Helicopter With Small Spivo Stick

Using his GoPro and small (12") Spivo Stick, Sean was able to beautifully capture this unique opportunity. His Spivo Stick allowed him to rotate his camera 180 degrees instantly with the click of a trigger giving the audience thrilling views without the risk of jumping out of the helicopter themselves. 

Smiles from Ear to Ear after Successful Skydive

Enjoy the jump!

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