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Jumping Off The (Now Illegal) Wakefield Cover Bridge

For many, Summer is about being outdoors. Be it lounging at the cottage, camping in the woods, or floating down a lazy river with a six pack and a bunch of friends, the heat creates endless possibilities of relaxation and fun.

Floating Down the River in Wakefield, Quebec

Wakefield, Quebec, just a hop and skip away from Ottawa, offers outdoor enthusiasts some of the most enjoyable sights and sounds in the region. Often times the shallow waters and exposed rocks are populated by picnic lunches and suntanning companions. Finish your day with a cold beer at the Black Sheep Inn with live music and you'll experience a day hard to beat. 

Another staple in Wakefield's existence and a right of passage for many youth, is jumping off the iconic red covered bridge. Adding a little adrenaline to a lazy day off is always recommended at Spivo HQ and until recently jumping off Wakefield's bridge was a prime example. 

Jumping Off The Wakefield Cover Bridge (Before It Was Illegal)

With Spivo Stick in hand you can get exhilarating footage showing viewers the height as you jump off and quickly rotating the camera as you come crashing into the refreshing water below. 

Unfortunately jumping off the bridge has recently become outlawed making this classic spot no less beautiful, but a little less exciting. 

Watch as our pal Rory jumps off the Wakefield covered bridge one last time before an imminent $200 would have been slapped his way.

Everyone's out playing #pokemongo and we're just floating down rivers and jumping off bridges 🙃  by @spivostick


I guess we'll just have to find something else to jump off of this summer.

Any recommendations? Let us know!

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