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Finding the Secret Surf Spot - UK Edition

We've all heard about it, you know... that mythical spot that only the locals know of. The kind of area that a friend of a friend told a cousin of a friend of yours. Could be a surf spot, a powder stash on a local ski hill, or even a special hot-spring.  

These fables are almost cliché at this point but the truth is, they exist for a reason. 

For Andre, the myth of surfing at Sennon Cove, UK was too enticing to pass up. Originally Andre wound up in UK for a "captivating" engineering seminar but when his lust for adventure kicked in he knew the land had so much more to offer. 

After a few pints at the pub Andre spoke to a couple locals who spoke about a surf-worthy spot that you could reach by a hike. The next morning, rental board in hand, Andre set off to confirm the folk-tale.

After a breathtaking (both physically and visually) hike up cliff-side, Andre saw the cove and as anyone who has found a fabled secret spot knows, the reward is just a great finding it as it can be riding it.

On the Edge of a Cliff at Sennon Cove

Wrapped up in a wetsuit Andre could tell that by the few numbers of surfers paddling out he had not picked the perfect day. Cold, rocky, and windy many may have turned around feeling accomplished enough finding the spot but for Andre he had to surf it.

Andre About to Paddle Out at Sennon Cove

Fingers white with numbness he paddled out and let mother nature carry him back to shore. Just to ensure the locals believed him that he made it, he brought his waterproof Spivo Stick to capture the shiver-educing feat - but he'll never tell you how to get there.

Duck Diving Under a Wave

Andre was able to get this shot using a Spivo Stick Long - 26". Thinking of getting picking up a Spivo Stick for your next surf trip, have a look at our Sizing Guide to see what size suits you best! 

Andre Surfing Sennon Cove UK

Surfs up brah!

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