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Touch of Modern x Spivo Stick

In this day and age we are bombarded with daily emails. I personally delete over 20 each and every day offering me some sort of promotion, sale, or reason to spend my hard earned money; however, there is one particular email that I actually look forward to receiving each day, and that email comes from Touch of Modern.

Touch of Modern Headline

If you have not heard of Touch of Modern by now you're honestly missing out. The team behind the service digs high and low to bring you the hottest, trendiest, and most unique items available to mankind. But don't take my word for it, over 10.8 million people subscribe to the service. 

Old Mercedes V8 engine turned into a glass coffee table?

Got it!

Touch of Modern Coffee Table

Real marble iPhone case?

Got it!

Touch of Modern Marble Phone Case

Vintage Rolex's?

Take a guess... they got it!

Touch of Modern Vintage Rolex

The most exclusive, unique, and interesting items curated daily for their dedicated audience.

With the prestige that Touch of Modern operates with, we were thrilled when they wanted Spivo to be apart of their upcoming collection. 

For a limited time only Spivo Stick will be listed on Touch of Modern's portfolio being sold alongside some of the most illustrious products on the market. 

If you haven't already stopped reading this and subscribed to the service, I highly recommended clicking this link here and doing so. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Spivo Stick and enjoy shopping products that you did not know you needed until you saw them.

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