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Brose Farm - BMX, FMX, Wakeboarding, Music and so Much More!

Brose Farm Jam 2016

What started out as a small friends and family event, has quickly grown into a weekend-long event for action sport enthusiasts, live music connoisseurs, and party people alike.

The Brose Farm Jam 2014 from Andrew Brose on Vimeo.


Meet the Brose Farm Jam! Situated on 165 acres of land and resting on the shores of Lake Dore this do-not-miss event is now approaching its 5th year. Book off your Saturday, June 25th now!

Brose Farm Jam Event Poster

Driven by new people and ideas the Farm Jam has grown from a small core BMX jam into a massive well rounded action sport culture festival. 

Staying true to their roots the event will be hosting meticulously built courses for freestyle motocross, mountain bikes, and BMX bikes but new to this year the founders will be adding two large wakeboard/wakeskate pools.

Brose Farm BMX Dirt-jumps at Sunset

Interested in showcasing your skills? Be rewarded in pride, high-fives, and over $2000 in cash prizes.

Not interested in showcasing your skills? Be sure to come to spectate and party. As if watching people huck their bodies around on various jumps is not fun enough, Brose Farm has secured live performances from DJ Acro, Philly Moves, Rydell, and The Fran Brand. 

Brose Farm Jam Homemade Slipnslide

Compliment this weekend event with a couple drinks and comfortably know you will not need a Uber, a taxi, or a DD as there is on-site overnight camping available.

Spivo will be there documenting all fun, selling sticks, and partaking in the festivities. Be sure to say hi - we're really quite friendly. 

More information and pricing can be found at

See you there!

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