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Top 5 #Spivo Posts - May Edition

Can you believe Spivo Sticks have been purchased in over 50 countries around the world? Weekly see are humbled by seeing new Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube content being posted globally. Next time you create some great content using your Spivo Stick be sure to use #spivo or #spivostick to join the thousands of others around the world in sharing their journeys and adventures. 

On a daily basis we excitedly and obsessively check the hashtags looking for new a new post of someone chasing a sea turtle in the Cayman Islands or a cinematic shot hiking volcanoes in Indonesia. Vicariously we live through our devoted Spivo Stick customers. 

Regularly we share our favourite shots on our social media and with over 11,000 followers we never forget to include you in a shout out. 

These are our top 5 favourite posts created in the beautiful month of May!

5. @marcsilverfox - Spring Skiing

Spivo Stick Medium Spring Skiing Edelweiss

Marc showing us that although most people were already thinking about patios, tank-tops and flipflops, one last day of spring skiing at Edelweiss, Quebec was worth it!

4. @downhill_puppet - Longboarding


@downhill_puppet making fast look easy! ??

A photo posted by Spivo (@spivostick) on


Proof that spring is here! @downhill_puppet did an unreal job capturing the speed that very few would be comfortable traveling at a few inches off the ground. 

3. @handsomerobinson - Highline in Hawaii 



Ryan Robinson is known on social media for his daring highline antics. Recently he visited Hawaii and set up one of the most creative camping sites we have ever seen. Would you be able to fall asleep 40ft above the ground?

2. @itsmechand - Clearly did not listen to TLC'S Waterfalls

A photo posted by Chand Aditya (@itsmechand) on


Chand is one of our most dedicated Spivo users and he is constantly posting breathtaking visuals from around the world. Why he does not have thousands of followers is a mystery to me! From volcanoes to waterfalls this guy sure knows how to adventure.

1. @achcccxlv - Chasing Sea Turtles


#gopro #hero4 #islandlife #snorkeling #enjoyingmyisland #snorkelanddive345 #tagyourit #grandcayman #greenseaturtle #goprohero4 #spivo

A video posted by Aaron - Cayman Isles ?? (@achcccxlv) on


Without a doubt our favourite Spivo post of the month comes from Aaron as he makes us jealous getting to experience a special encounter with a friendly sea turtle. Aaron regularly puts out some of the best underwater content we have seen so be sure to give him a follow! 

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Jun 07, 2016 • Posted by Jacques Bellerive

Amazing pics, keep them coming!

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