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GoPro Merges with Redbull

In an interesting turn of events, GoPro recently announced it will be partnering with Redbull, the energy drink and media content giant.

“As partners, RedBull and GoPro will amplify our collective international reach, the power of our content and ability to fascinate.” – CEO of Redbull, Dietrich Mateschitz 

GoPro is well known for it's incredible content produced by millions of users and athletes worldwide. The partnership will allow GoPro to have exclusive camera authority at all of Redbull's 1800 sponsored sporting events in over 100 countries. Together, the companies will share media content which will be distributed across both GoPro's and Redbull's media platforms. 

The deal will likely contain a few legal practicalities, as many of GoPro sponsored athletes are also sponsored by other energy drink companies. Case in point: Freeski legend Tom Wallisch who is well known within the industry for this banger style and ability to make almost any trick look easy. The issue? Tom endorses Monster Energy Drink and GoPro... not Redbull and GoPro.

Tanner Hall, otherwise known as "Ski Boss", also rides for GoPro but drinks nothing but Rockstar Energy Drinks (probably because he was dropped by Redbull's sponsorship in 2012). I sense we will be seeing some very carefully planned marketing campaigns in the very near future.

PS watch the video below and tell me you can't help to think Tanner Hall needs a Spivo Stick for this!

Time will tell whether this forms a good partnership for GoPro, who suffered a disappointing 2015, despite having sold more cameras than ever before. The release of their newest edition, the GoPro Hero 4 Session was regarded by many as a huge flop and GoPro was forced to cut the price of the Hero 4 Session in half due to floundering sales.

Regardless of the outcome of this deal, we will definitely be seeing some incredible videos in the very near future as the two leaders in action sport media team up. 

Does somebody smell a monopoly brewing?

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