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Filming in Gatineau Park!

We just spent an awesome weekend out in Gatineau Park with Josh Tinholt and a group of local Ottawa long boarders. We took advantage of the warm weather and sun to get some great shots of the guys passing back and forth in a group, exceeding speeds of 80km/h down the winding hills. Thanks to Chris Chitaroni and Jorden Guth from we got some awesome quadcopter footage to complement some of the amazing slow-mo shots. Check out some of the still shots below! Stay tuned as we launch our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter starting June 23th 2015. 

Longboarding down King Mounting in Gatineau Park with the Spivo Stick

Josh Tinholt racing down King Mountain with his buddy in Gatineau Park.

Longboarding Spivo Camera Shoot

Chris Chitaroni with his Red Epic camera getting ready to shoot.

Watching the Spivo Footage

Marc Bjerring showing the guys some of the awesome footage they just shot.

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