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Spivo Stick is Now Available for Pre-order!

You heard right! Spivo is now available for pre-order; that means you are one step closer to having one of the most innovative camera mounts in your hands. Not only that but we’re also offering a discounted rate for a limited time. Why? Because you rock and your willingness to support us at such an early stage deserves to be rewarded, so we invite you to take advantage of the savings. Savings not only on Spivo Sticks but t-shirts, stickers, and accessories too!

Spivo Stick Now Available for Pre-Order

 What will you Spivo? Wakesurfing, skiing, snowboarding, walking the dog, long walks on the beach? It’s up to you but we sure want to see it! Once you receive you Spivo we will be extremely disappointed if you don’t send us some of you amazing footage because we’ll also be featuring a lot of it on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Already have some? Please send us an email here.

 So get involved, get excited, and get Spivoing! 

The Spivo Team is excited, are you?


Aug 06, 2015 • Posted by NEIL BABOOLAL

Does it work only with go pro or other cameras

Aug 07, 2015 • Posted by The Spivo Team

Hi Neil,

The standard tripod screw allows you to mount any light weight camera such as GoPro, Action Cam, Compact Digital, and more.

The Spivo Team

Aug 15, 2015 • Posted by itay

which spivo’s size is recommended for snowboard?

Aug 15, 2015 • Posted by The Spivo Team

Hey Itay,

For skiing/snowboard, we recommend getting the Spivo Size L. The L allows you to capture long cinematic shots and let’s you capture a very wide perspective; great for board spots.

The Spivo Team

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