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Reminiscing about Summer

As the leaves begin to change colour and Summer shifts into Fall everyone at Spivo is anxiously awaiting the first few flakes to start falling from the sky. It is in this transition, however, we reminisce over the past few sunny months and how many memories we created and captured. Every week posed a new opportunity to trigger a new adventure.

Spivo Stick goes for it's first helicopter ride

From skydiving from helicopters, to attending extreme sport festivals we cannot fathom taking more advantage of what our beautiful country has to offer.

Spivo Team at Jackalope Festival in Montreal

Every time we took out our Spivo Sticks we discovered new ways to document our experiences, including this 30 foot rope swing.

Rope Swing

For some of us, wakeboarding one handed for two laps ended up being more difficult than expected, but the shots were certainly worth it.

Head of Marketing, Greg Dillon, having fun wakeboarding

Others utilized Spivo’s main function masterfully while longboarding down aggressive courses in the states. You should see the video!

Pro Longboarding Eric Chernushenko  ripping in Maryland, USA

And what’s a summer without bridge or cliff jumping!?

Rory Baker Cliff Jumping

Considering a great deal of our time was spent taking the right steps in progressing our company, the little time we did have off was put to the best use and we couldn’t be happier. On that note we are proud to announce that our production deadline is on track and we’re restlessly awaiting our first batch of Spivos to mail out to all of our dedicated pre-order customers. If you haven't already, pre-order yours before the price goes up!

Question or comments? Feel free to reach us on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube or send us an email here.

Brace yourself Spivo


Oct 26, 2015 • Posted by Sam

Hi, I was just wondering if the spivo would get rusty if it went in the water and the spinning action wouldn’t work

Nov 20, 2015 • Posted by Spivo

Hey Sam,

The Spivo Stick is entirely made of non corrosive materials and is designed to work in salt water. However, just like you would with your scuba diving or surfing gear, we recommend rising off your Spivo with fresh water after your done using it.

In case your wondering, have a look at these videos where the Spivo Stick was used in salt water.

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