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Snap Shot Monday: Spivo Goes Wakesurfing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and everyone here at Spivo would agree! Pictures are a snapshot in a moment of life that will never happen again; they can evoke emotion, memories, and thoughts. Since the invention of the camera, photos have become ubiquitous in our daily lives from things as trivial as our breakfast to things as important as weddings and graduations. Without photos (and obviously cameras) Spivo would not exist; they are at the core the foundation around our humble company. Our Instagram account has been one of our most exciting opportunities in developing Spivo as it has allowed us to interact with the people who so generously support us and that's awesome! With close to 13000 followers we’re quite proud of our content and although many of you might have imagined the “thousand words” that each photo speaks, we’d like to tell you the actual story behind some of our favourite images with a series of small blog posts released every Monday. Enjoy!

Spivo Stick Goes Wakesurfing

For Greg (Head of Marketing), there are few better joys than getting out on a  boat during a hot, sunny, summer day with your best-friends. Add in some funky tunes and a couple wake-boards/wakesurf boards and you got a recipe for a serious sunburn and a face that hurts from smiling so much - this photo was exactly that experiene. Considering you’re supposed to wakesurf with no rope or handle, we thought it would be the perfect sport to try out a Spivo as you have full access to your hands and thus control of the Spivo Stick the entire time (except when you fall – but that's all part of the fun).

Hang ten amigos! Spivo goes Wakesurfing 🚤🏄🏼 by @spivostick

Bringing out both the small and medium length Spivo, Greg (black shirt, arms up) and his buddies took turns trying out various shots.  For this one, Lucio (front), took out the medium and actually stood backwards on his surfboard while still riding the wave - results were awesome! Not only did it capture his riding ability but it also captured the essence of good friends on the boat. Till next summer!

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