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6 Travel Benefits of the Destination 22L Packable Backpack


One of the most important things a traveler can find is the perfect backpack. A functional, stylish and organized backpack is crucial to make the most of your day trips while traveling. Prior to making the Destination 22L packable backpack, we studied and interviewed 350 of our customers to figure out exactly what they bring on a day out while traveling.

Many customers reported that it was hard to pack cameras due to their fragility and camera gear like selfie sticks and tripods due to their awkward size. They told us most conventional laptop bags or normal school bags aren’t meant to get wet and dirty and are cumbersome to bring along while traveling.

We saw the need for a bag that would be a breeze to bring along on any vacation, and that was packed with amazing features typically found in far more expensive backpacks. We set out to develop a bag that could be packed or folded to fit in your hand for ease of traveling, hence a packable backpack. We then tested all of the existing packable day packs on the market and found their designs featured only 1-3 pockets. We found these bags to be far too basic and resulted in having an unorganized mess on your back while adventuring.

To make the best packable backpack in the world, we made the Destination 22L from high-quality materials and stuffed it with amazing features specially designed for adventurers who like taking photos and videos. Let’s get into the 6 benefits of traveling with the Destination 22L packable backpack.

1. It’s the most organized packable backpack so you’re always adventure ready

The Destination 22L Packable Backpack has been optimized to fit all your travel day trip essentials. It features nine pockets that are specially designed to carry and organize all the stuff you need while you’re out exploring.

First things first, it includes a secret passport pocket to keep all your valuables like your phone, cash, and passport completely safe. It’s accessible from the back panel of the bag which keeps your precious items as close to you as possible and ensures no one can snatch anything from your bag.

In the main pouch, the bag has a pocket for your sunglasses or a small camera like a GoPro. The main pouch is large enough to fit a few towels, an extra set of shoes and a few sweaters or raincoats in case your adventure crew or significant other decides to throw some stuff in the bag. There is a sketchy divider at the rear of the main compartment in case you want to put something specific there like a wet towel or pair of shoes.

On the outside of the bag, we have two extra deep water bottle holders so your water bottle never falls out. They are made from stretchy material so you can easily fit the largest reusable water bottles.

Finally, there’s a side access laptop sleeve that fits any iPad or laptops up to 15 inches. You wanted a versatile backpack, you got it! Keep reading to find out about the remaining three special pockets.

2. Made for quick access to your camera and accessories to ensure you get the shot

Many of us don’t have the luxury of re-visiting a travel destination despite our often desire to. This makes it all the while more important to capture some amazing memories on camera while you’re there. The Destination 22L packable backpack is specially designed to ensure you have quick access to all your camera gear without needing to put the bag down.

If you’ve got a Spivo 360 swivel selfie stick, you’re going to love this pocket. It’s a custom pocket that gives quick access to a selfie stick or tripod. The pocket is carefully placed so you can unzip it while the bag is on your back to let you take out your favorite camera accessory without taking off the bag. The pocket allows you to conceal your camera and accessories in your bag, all the while helping you access them as quickly as possible to capture those spontaneous travel moments.

On the front of the packable backpack, there are two pockets that are accessible when you take off one shoulder strap. These pockets a great for stashing away your phone, a GoPro or other little necessities like lip chap or sunscreen.

Finally, on the side of the bag there are four tightening straps to secure your gear. These straps hold the Spivo 360 and/or the Flexible Tripod securely in place on the outside of your bag which is great for hiking. They can also be used to attach other day trip necessities like a wet bathing suit or towel. If you’ve ever fumbled to find your camera gear or found it hard to pack, you’ll definitely love the quick access features on the Destination 22L packable backpack.

3. It’s easy to travel with because the bag collapsible into a tiny pouch

While the Destination 22L packable bag is loaded with features that rival larger, more expensive backpacks, it’s surprisingly easy to travel with due to the compact collapsed size. When stuffed into the travel pouch, the backpack is 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep by 7 inches tall, which is about the size of two oranges side by side. It takes about 30-60 seconds to stuff the backpack into the travel pouch once your adventure is over. Don’t worry, there is no special or time-consuming technique to get it in there. Some people prefer to stuff the straps in the travel pouch first, but it’ll fit any which way. Simply push it in the pouch, tie the drawstring and toss it in your suitcase or big travel bag when you’re done.

4. Easily carry it all day because it’s super lightweight

The Destination 22L packable backpack weighs less than one pound. That means the Destination 22L will never slow you down. Given its weight, it is an awesome small hiking backpack or ultralight backpack for a weekend away. The great thing about packable bags is they basically weigh as much as what you put into them and no more. Since the bag is pliable, you’re never stuck carrying around a bulky backpack that’s too big for the day trip. The packable backpack is also much cooler (temperature-wise) than other backpacks thanks to the breathable straps and nylon material.

5. It’s the best looking packable backpack on the market

We studied the packable backpack market for 15 months before beginning to develop the Destination 22L. We tested all the leading packable backpack and found the common bags had only one main pocket design which is far too basic for modern adventurers. To make the best day pack, we knew the backpack had to comfortability hold everything you need and should be stylish enough to add confidence throughout your trip. As such, the Destination 22L packable backpack is built to look sleek and nimble. The agile look photographs well and doesn’t look overpowering in photos and videos. Who doesn’t love an epic “I climbed that mountain!” photo?!

The exterior of the bag is made from durable nylon and the zippers are all waterproof. You can rest assured knowing it’s ready for any adventure you throw its way.

6. Make your day trips the most fun by comfortably fitting everything you need

Most day trips away from your Airbnb, hotel or hostel lack many of the creature comforts of your home base. A packable backpack is an awesome solution to bring everything you need to have an epic adventure. Whether it’s lip chap, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, or an extra water bottle, it sucks when you don't have these while you’re out exploring in the middle of nowhere. With the nine pockets, there’s a dedicated spot that will keep everything you need to be organized and ensure you have the best day trip.

The Destination 22L packable backpack is made to be your go-to bag for all things day trip. It’s most organized and adaptable packable backpack ever made. If you love traveling and like taking photos and videos of your travels, this bag is for you.

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