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9 Ways a GoPro Tripod Will Get You Better Travel Memories

We all know how versatile our beloved little GoPro cameras are when it comes to capturing our travels and weekend adventures. The Flexible Tripod by Spivo is the perfect travel companion to expand your GoPro camera's capabilities and help you take your photos and videos to another level. Here are the top 9 reasons you should consider getting this GoPro accessory.

1. It forces you to slow down

Okay, okay okay. This one might not be the most obvious. A tripod inherently forces you to slow down to set it up. While the setup is generally really quick, this simple act will force you to think about the shot and how to frame it. If you’ve got time, take a few practice shots, look at them on the screen on your GoPro, or connect your GoPro to your phone to look at the shot. More often than not this has saved us instead of looking at everything when you're back from your adventure (and no longer there!).

2. Wrap the legs around any object and get yourself in the shot

The flexible legs on the Spivo Tripod are one of the most useful features you’ll learn to love. The robust legs are rubber coated which will help you place your camera on even the most obscure objects like a palm tree, water bottle, or tree branch. This is particularly helpful when you want to shoot self-portraits or to get yourself into a group photo. In those cases, you’ll need to control your GoPro remotely which is pretty easy using any of these methods.

A recent review by Yellow Van Travels described the flexibility of the legs:

“I have to say that this is where it really outshined my Gorilla Pod. I have always been able to get the Gorilla Pod to work on most uneven surfaces, but I have never felt very comfortable wrapping it around something like a branch or railing. The Spivo tripod is so flexible though that it wraps tightly and securely and I felt safe using it in that way.”

3. A handgrip always makes smoother videos

When you hold a GoPro handheld it’s really easy to move, sway, bump or jitter which makes the videos suffer.  Whereas when you use a small tripod or grip you are inherently limiting the range of motion of the camera and reducing the amount the camera can move around. The result is better looking, smoother videos. 

4. It’s better for nature and landscape photography

Shooting elements in nature, particular animals can be particularly time-consuming as you might need to wait a while which can get tiring if you’re holding the camera. Likewise, when shooting landscapes you might need to be patient to get the perfect shot with nobody else in it. In this situation, a flexible tripod is particularly helpful because you can set up in advance, and simply wait for the opportune moment to take the shot. Better yet, you can use a GoPro remote to remotely take the photo without disturbing the area you set up your GoPro. In fact, we use a GoPro remote for a variety of other situations you can read about here.

5. Use it to take selfies or film a vlog

The Flexible Tripod doubles as a small selfie stick that can help you get a better perspective and fit more in your shot. “With all three legs together, it’s thin enough to hold comfortably in the hand. When using it this way, I like to twist the legs together to make it stronger and more rigid.” - Have Camera Will Travel

6. Better low light capabilities

GoPro Hero 7 Black was used in Night Photo Mode for both photos.

Low light photos and videos are particularly taxing for small cameras like GoPros. For them to get the sharpest image possible, it’s always best to steady the camera as much as possible. A tripod helps immobilize your GoPro and ensures you’ll get the least amount of blur and graininess. When shooting photos in low light, make sure to switch to “Night” mode where you can control the shutter speed amongst other helpful settings.

7. Stake out your territory

When you set up a tripod, you’re kind of claiming some space for a short while. Most people will generally be less willing to block your view or get in the way of your shot because you’re going through the extra effort to make it as great as possible. Sure, it’s mostly psychological, but you’d be surprised about the effects it can have on bystanders.

8. Take awesome timelapses

Most timelapses require you to shoot for at least 5 minutes (sometimes hours!). For a timelapse to be as steady as possible, it’s best to use a tripod to get a good looking consistent shot. This is even truer if you’re shooting in a low light scenario or sunset. On the new GoPro Hero 7 Black, the newly improved timelapse mode is called Timewrap and it’s one of the top 3 things we love about the new Hero 7.

9. Get beautiful slow-mo videos

Slow-mo videos are super trendy right now especially for travel videos as they make everything look more dramatic. GoPro’s slow-mo capabilities seriously increased when they introduced the 240 frames per seconds at 1080P shooting mode on the Hero 6. (comprehensive guide to all GoPro settings here) These new slow-mo capabilities open up a new realm of possibilities and they are seriously fun to play with.  

For truly beautiful slow-mo video, you’ll need to have your GoPro on a gimbal or on a stationary tripod. These eliminate all vibrations and will ensure your video is silky smooth. In general, the faster the action you’re shooting, the more you’ll notice the difference when using a tripod. 

Shop The Spivo Flexible Tripod

There you have it! Nine reasons to consider getting a Flexible Tripod for your next GoPro adventure. If you think we forgot something or have an interesting way of using your tripod, please share your comments below!

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