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They're here!

Our first batch of Spivo Sticks!

Spivo sticks fresh off the assembly line

That’s exactly what we spent the last few days hand assembling. 

Sore hands, lots of coffee, and very little sleep has yielded our very first batch of ready- to-ship Spivos, and we cannot be more excited how they came out!

We’ve tested each one to make sure that every adventure you go on is as memorable as the last. Rotating your camera or Smartphone 180 degrees has never looked so good - especially with the textured grip we added.

Did we mention how light they are! Fully assembled the Spivo Sticks weigh about as much as a GoPro.

So if you have ordered one keep your eye out for a confirmation shipping email and even better a package on your doorstep. If you haven’t ordered one, now is the time! The sooner you order one the sooner you can document your adventures and impress your friends and family.

We also have some “Pro-Packs” left in stock. These accessories make any adventure that much better by allowing you to wear your Spivo Stick as sling, and make sure the Spivo Stick and camera stays afloat with our floaty back pack. These are selling out quick and we only have a limited amount left so act quick! 

Happy New Year to everyone, may it be full of adventures! 

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Aug 21, 2017 • Posted by Kiyul

Do you still have S size 12inch?

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