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Best Videos of 2016 - A Year in Review

Come on a world wide journey with us as we recap 2016's most epic, memorable, and breathtaking moments all captured on Spivo Stick. Go snorkeling with Max and the world's largest sharks in the Philippines. Skydive from a hot air balloon with Kellie. Feel the rush of hitting a massive jump with pro skier Andy Parry. 2016 was not all bad! What will 2017 bring?

Thank you to all of our customers, followers, and fans for making this such a fun and memorable year.

Want to make 2017's video? Grab a Spivo Stick and go have some fun! 

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Jul 26, 2017 • Posted by Johanthan Buckhouse

The Spivo Stick is the coolest gopro stick I have ever used. I have been using gopro’s for over 7 years now and nothing has made my experience as simple as the Spivo stick. I love how fast it spins the camera, how easy it is to use, and how it is water proof. I highly recommend this product to any one. #spivosummer #capturethefeeling

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