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Bushtukah has Spivo Sticks!

 We are proud to announce a new partnership with one of Ottawa's most prominent sporting retailers, Bushtukah! 

Bushtukah is a leading retailer of outdoor product in the National Capital Region with their Head Office in Ottawa, ON. They are focused on providing excellent service and complete solutions for active lifestyle needs.

Bushtukah's mission is simple: to provide our customers with quality outdoor gear and unparalleled service to help maximize your enjoyment while participating in your outdoor activities.

Snorkelling with the Spivo Stick

If you’re looking for bike parts, running shoes, camping gear, outdoor clothing, or Spivo Sticks, Bushtukah can help outfit you. They have everything you‘ll need, whether you’re a weekend warrior, a dedicated athlete or a family wanting to try something new.

The staff at Bushtukah are ready to sell Spivo Sticks

The knowledgeable, passionate and helpful staff have the experience and expertise to help you make the right decision which is exactly why we are so excited to be working with them.

Everyone at Spivo Inc. have been Bushtukah customers in the past. Their stores are beautiful and the products they carry are industry leading making it difficult to visit without walking out with a new purchase and a big smile. 

They have two retail locations; Spivo Sticks will be sold at Ottawa's Westboro location found at 203 Richmond Rd.

For more information please visit Bushtukah's website here.

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