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Caption Contest #1

Writing is quite the subjective art form. A sentence, however carefully crafted it may be, may evoke laughter in one reader and disgust in another.

With our daily social media posts we are always trying to carefully appeal to our audience by coming up with clever, relevant, or funny captions; but we noticed recently that YOU, the reader, often leaves comments under the photo or video that leaves us saying “Why didn’t we think of that!?”

So with that in mind we decided to launch a monthly caption contest. Rules were simple, we provide the image, you provide the caption! Whichever caption the team at Spivo Stick thought was best would win a free Spivo Stick!

Within a couple days of posting the contest we had over 40 submissions, all of which were excellent.

Here is a little recap!

The Photo - @ambah_rose in Thailand

Smiling in Thailand with Spivo Stick and three Elephants

The winning caption!

"Butt first, let me take a selfie" - @mufasa_93

And in case you didn't get the reference...

Honourable mentions

"You'd be dumb(o) if you didn't use this selfie stick" - @nickmat1234.7

"Selfie with the Kardashians" - @saturated.visuals

"when the squad decide to leave the club but you're still drunk" - @claire.allchin

"Any other selfie stick would just be irrelephant" - @matacherry


Huge thanks to everyone who participated and had us laughing!

Keep your eyes opened and your creative writing hats on as we will periodically be running these contests once a month. Full contest details below.



⚫️ No purchase necessary.

⚫️ Must be following @spivostick on Instagram.

⚫️ No profanity, racism, hate, or any other negative statements will be tolerated. Comments that Spivo Inc. deem inappropriate will be deleted and blocked.

⚫️ Only one submission per account.

⚫️ Winning caption will be chosen by Spivo Inc. members.

⚫️ Winners will be notified through Instagram direct message.

⚫️ Winners will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.

⚫️ Spivo Stick will not be responsible for any import/customs/or additional shipping fees.


Oct 13, 2016 • Posted by Jonas

This is cool idea! I’m definitely entering next time!

Oct 14, 2016 • Posted by Greg Dillon

Hey Jonas!

Thanks! We wish you best luck next time around :)

- Greg Dillon

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